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Fildena Extra Power

Fildena Extra Power
Fortune Healthcare
Brand: Fortune Healthcare
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Fildena or Generic Viagra

Fildena Extra Power is a potent generic medicine that is used to manage chronic erection disorder in men. It is probably the highest potency medicine for men with moderate to severe degree of erectile dysfunction (ED). 150mg Sildenafil Citrate is the chemical composition of this generic ED medicine, which is considered the first recognized oral ED drug. Fortune Healthcare manufactures Fildena Extra Power in a conventional tablet form.

Erectile Dysfunction is a sexual illness in which a man fails to get and maintain an erection even after proper sexual stimulation. Initially, it was found that men experience poor erection due to stress and anxiety, but it is found that improper blood flow to the male organ makes erection listless. Fildena Extra Power is the best medicine to overcome such debilitating sexual condition, as it looks after increasing blood supply to the male sexual organ.

The action mechanism of this medicine is a bit intricate. Sildenafil Citrate temporarily stops the secretion of an enzyme called PDE5 in order to allow the body to produce more nitric oxide. This way abundant amount of blood is supplied to the male organ for an erection. Remember that Fildena Extra Power does not produce spontaneous erection; it is important to indulge in sexual foreplay to experience stronger and durable erection.

Fildena Extra Power is the strongest potency prescription ED drug; hence, it is better to use it under the supervision of a doctor. Consume whole pill with a glass of water for appropriate assimilation of the drug in the body. You might have to take the pill at least an hour before sexual activity and not more than once in a day. This medicine gives you four to six hours to remain sexually active and make love satisfactorily. Mild dizziness is common after dosage, so make sure you stay away from risky activities.

Ask your doctor about the restrictions on using this generic ED drug. Your doctor will not advise this medicine if you are already undergoing treatment with nitrates or alpha-blockers. Side effects are quite rare with this medicine. Immediate get in touch with your doctor if you experience any unpleasant symptoms.

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