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Gel Caps

Gel Caps - All Brands

Sensational Gel caps form of medication are gelatin encapsulated solution with outer coating or shell containing main active ingredient. Main active ingredient in medicine is filled in the drug can be in the any form of liquid, suspension or paste. However, outer shell of medicine is made of gelatin driven from animal fat. Gelatin encapsulated form of medicine are durable and flexible for consumption with quick action mechanism. Capsules have high advantages for both the drug manufacturer and consumer.

The medicine in gel caps form has increased bioavailability. Certain medical nutrients are poorly soluble when consumed as directed by doctor. However, the external gelatin cover of this form enhances their solubility making capsules work best on body as soon as consumed. Gelatin encapsulations are hermetically that are sealed and air-tight for not compromising with effectiveness of medicine. Complete action mechanism of gel caps make them tamper-evident. Sealed capsules protect internal ingredients from getting exposed to oxygen and perform best on issue it is prescribed for. These gel caps can be transparent or opaque. Latter it helps to protect the internal ingredient from light and sun that enhances working of medicine.

Smooth texture of sensational Gel caps form of medicine makes it easily consumable. Generally raw main active ingredient in solution has unbearable odor and taste. Encapsulation of medication hides these unpleasant properties making capsule easier for consumption with plain glass of water.

Power packed solution is extremely easy to digest and swallow. Gelatin encapsulated medicine digests and dissolves within a short period of time, soon after gulping it with plain glass of water. Normally generic conventional tablets require maximum time to dissolve and start action mechanism, whereas these gel caps form of meds are comparatively faster on action mechanism.

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