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1. Can you help me in locating the medicine I am searching for? It’s a rare drug?

Most popular Erectile Dysfunction (ED) drugs are listed in our product list. This list is regularly updated with new entries. If your drug is hard to find, kindly mail your requirements and we shall revert ASAP.
2. If I don’t see the drug that I want, does that mean you don’t sell it?

No! The pharmacy showcases a wide array of medications. In case, you don’t see the drugs you are searching for, please contact us to confirm the availability.
3. You will always need a valid Prescription!

All orders are required to have prescriptions as per local and international laws. You need to scan and email your valid prescription to us, or fax it to us at +44-808-120-2333. If you do not have a prescription, and in order to make your shopping experience hassle free, our qualified on-staff physician will issue a prescription for each order so we can legally fill and ship your prescription.

4. Does generic ED drug help in conceiving?
Certain cases have occurred, when usage of Generic resulted in conceiving. However, this is considered as a mere co-incidence. True! Sildenafil citrate does support good erection and ensures that the sexual performance is complete and satisfaction is gained by couples. Men should also have qualitative and quantitative sperm count required for conception in women. Also, women’s reproductive organs play a major role. The manufacturer insists that there is no impact on fertility on usage of ED drugs.

5. What do I do, if I lose my username and password? Can you re-send it?
In case you are a registered member, and have lost or forgotten your password, we would promptly mail it in your inbox, of the email address you provided at the time of registration. We will ensure you do not face any delays from our end in re-setting your password. However, in case of further difficulties, please contact our 24 hour customer care. 

6. What could be the reason for the shape and color difference in generic drugs as compared to their branded twins?
The branded drugs are copyrighted and hence the generic re-producers of the same chemical used in the branded drug, have to launch their drugs with a different name, shape and color. It is also to enhance the look and feel of the drug. But we assure you, the active ingredient is the same.
7. I buy brand since last 3 years now, if I switch to generic will there be a problem? How is the quality of the generic version of the branded Erectile Dysfunction (ED) drug?
The medicine effectiveness is the same as the branded drugs’; however the color or shape of the generic drug could differ, for easy identification. Generic drugs are referred as the bioequivalent of the branded drug, owing to the same chemical composition and in similar proportion.
Cheap price but same quality defines generic drugs. In case of brand, cheap Kamagra is a popular twin to brand ED drug and you can buy Filagra too. Filagra has gained importance and good user reviews. If you happen to read product descriptions, you will find the amount of dosage that a generic drug consists and the varied formats in which the medicine is available, as against the conventional pills.

8. What are the manufacturing standards for Generic Drugs?
Regardless of manufacturers: of branded drugs or generic drugs, the quality of medicines is supervised during production and clinically tested. It is only after satisfying the set quality standards that the drug gets approved for sale. 

9. Why generic medicines over branded drugs?
Generic Drugs Vs Branded Drugs
Both generic drugs and branded drugs are basically biological twins but produced by different manufacturers. Generic ED medicines are composed of the same chemical and exactly the same proportion of the chemical, too. Not only that: the side effects, usage, risks, safety measures, strength are equivalent to the original brand-name counterpart drug.
Generic drugs are known and preferred for their cost-effectiveness, a good alternative to the branded drugs. This is because the generic drug manufacturer has not incurred additional expenses in developing a new drug in the market. This factor alone reduces the cost of research, marketing, and fostering of a new product launch.
The branded product manufacturers however, had to undergo these expenses in the making and release of their drug. The branded drug is copyrighted and the manufacturing company alone has the right to profit from their manufactured drug. But when the patent is no longer in effect, generic medicine experts manufacture the same drug and sell it inexpensively, as they have not spend on marketing and research, launching and other expenses on the product release. The composition was already known to generic drug producers.
It is human to be concerned when something is offered at a cheaper price. But stay assured, the effectiveness and the quality is the same as found in the branded drug. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) needs that generic drugs should be equally safe as branded ones, in order to be approved.

10. What payment methods do you accept?
Currently, the only payment method accepted is Visa Card. 

11. How do I change my order after it has been placed?
The user interface is designed to enable editing prior to receiving complete payment. The payment mode unfortunately cannot be undone. 

12. Is the payment method secure?
It is very safe to order from The Kamagra Store. Your account will NOT be debited until you confirm you have placed an order. The amount is debited from your account ONLY, under your authorization. Information supplied from your computer to our website cannot be visible to any third party and this results in eliminating credit card fraud. 

13. Is your packaging discreet?
The Kamagra Store orders are sent as discreetly as possible with only the receivers’ address and the return address printed on the package.

14. What are the security policies?
Our security policies are the latest to an extent that we can assure you about safe transactions. Your credit card information is treated discreetly and in no way compromised. 

15. If I have a question unanswered in the FAQ section, what do I do?
You can receive information from our experts through phone or support form.

16. Do you provide medical advice?
We provide information on drugs but not whether the drug is suitable for your body type. Please contact your physician with your medical history, in case of any doubt.  

17. How do I place an order?
The ordering process is very simple. All you do is place the order online using the Buy Now button and the process becomes even simpler by filling up the required entries. If you need assistance, please contact our 24/7 available, customer care support. 

18. Which countries do you ship to?
All products are shipped worldwide except Afghanistan, Bahamas, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Dominican Republic, France, Metropolitan France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Mexico, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sweden & United Arab Emirates.

19. How can I find out if my order has been shipped?
Your Order History is stored in the database and you can access it from the My Account section on successful login.

20. What is the difference between conventional/regular pills and soft tabs?
The soft tabs are the professional or sublingual format tablets that dissolve, when placed under the tongue. This is for the drug to show quicker effects than the regular pill that takes time to get into the system, digest itself and then the contents are a part of the bloodstream. This long process with regular pills is now replaced with rapid results from soft tablets. 

21. Is there any age limit for ordering medicinal goods from The Kamagra Store?
Yes! There is an age bar restricting purchase for below 18 years of age future customers. 

22. Is old age a limitation for using generic ED drug?
No! Old age is not a limitation in most men but older men are requested to get diagnosed on any major illnesses, they may be suffering from. If you are a heart patient or constant blood pressure is always an issue, it is important to consider getting medically examined. In either case, opt for the correct, appropriate low dosage, after consulting your health care professional.
If under medication on heart illnesses, you might be treated with nitrate or types of nitrate in your medicine to control your illness. In such a case, ED drugs cannot be consumed. Get your medicines checked to know if your medicines have a proportion of nitrate. If so, stop using ED drug.
23. How to prevent untimely delivery of medicines from the customs?
We, at The Kamagra Store advise you to first check with your customs and the postal office in case of queries related to the customs department. It is noteworthy that The Kamagra Store has no control, whatsoever, with the custom officers withholding the drugs from timely shipment. The customs may require additional evidence, or documentation prior to handling the goods to its rightful owner. 

24. What is the correct dosage for ED drugs? Which chemical is more powerful than the other – Sildenafil or Tadalafil, Tadalafil or Vardenafil? I am confused.
The recommended dosage would be the least available dosage, if you are attempting the drug for the first time. Only if it suits your body type and you are not suffering from any major heart or health problems, you may want to consider the higher dosage available ONLY after your physician permits you. This is because every body type is different and every medical history differs from the other. Sildenafil, Vardenafil, Tadalafil, are all ED drugs working towards treating Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

25. How can I return the product or cancel the order from your online pharmacy?
You can log in to the My Account section, check your order status. If shipped, you cannot undo or cancel the order. If not, you can cancel or replace the order. Once received you cannot return the product. The return policy is applicable only if the product has reached its expiry.

26. Does your online pharmacy guarantee delivery of order purchased?
This question is never to arise. But in worst case scenario, if this (never) ever happens, we will refund the amount only if the fault is from our end and not the incorrect shipping address or the customs or the payment issues. 

27. Does the quality on receiving the anticipated Erectile Dysfunction (ED) drugs differ from the ones I usually buy at my local pharmacy?
Medications sold on our online drug store are from the leading international pharmaceutical firms. This is the reason why you can stay assured about the high quality medication that you are bound to receive. 

28. Health insurance can be considered as a mode of payment?
We, The Kamagra Store, regret to inform you that our online pharmacy is currently not having any arrangements with worldwide health insurance firms or PBMs (Prescription Benefit Management) for medicinal expense coverage.

29. How long does it take for your online pharmacy to deliver?
The Kamagra Store takes 7-10 business days to reach your doorstep with your shipped, required ED drugs. 

30. Are the products guaranteed to be within their expiry dates?
Our online drug store does not deal with medication that has reached its expiry date. It is not only illegal but it harms our reputation and we would never let our online pharmacy customers down.  

31. What to do in case my medications are seized by customs? Will I be prosecuted?
The practice at the custom offices is to send you a notice about the receipt of an order that has been seized by them. You can choose to acknowledge the receipt of the notice and as a result, abandon the medications ordered. Or, better still; submit your prescription as an evident document for placing your order. Most of the online pharmacies do re-send the medications to you, in case you fax them a photocopy of the notice you received from the customs.


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