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Zydus Alidac Cadila Div

Zydus Alidac Cadila Div is an Indian pharmaceutical company that has its presence around the world. This manicuring unit was set up in the year 1995 and has its international presence in various countries.

The company has its subsidiary in the US. It supplies finished medications to the US generic market. France branch of this company has a product basket of 90 generic registrations. The subsidiary of this company in Brazil is set up for market formulations.

The healthcare group exports branded medications to approx. 43 countries from around the world. For the growth in exports, they have been focusing on introducing new and latest modules. The healthcare company has 560 product registrations. Zydus Alidac Cadila Div healthcare’s overall therapy segment is actually focused on gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, and pain management for driving growth in exports. This company markets APIs to 40 countries worldwide.

Zydus Alidac Cadila Div healthcare covers Therapeutic Segments including Anti-Infective, Anti-Allergic, Anti-Epileptic, Anti-Depressant, Anti-Osteoporosis, Gastrointestinal, Sedative, Anti-Rheumatic, Women's Healthcare, Anti-Diabetic, Tranquilizers, Anti-Psychotic, Pain Management and Tadalafil for impotence issue in men.

The company promotes research in pharmaceuticals and healthcare through biennial symposium. Ramanbhai Foundation International brings together the scientific community that is located across the world, both from academia and industry. These are deliberated upon unmet medical needs, new research initiatives and also in some latest advancement in healthcare and medical science.

The main aim behind evolving impotence treating medicines was the increase in the rate of people that are suffering from the issue of impotence. As per Mr. P Pradeep Kumar, Senior Product Manager of Zydus Alidac Cadila Div, nearly 40 million Indian men are seen suffering from impotence condition. The number is huge, and it calls for an immediate entry in the market of having a reliable solution to guarantees complete relief.

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