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The Generic Women’s department features two most important products for women viz. Kwiknic and V-Wash. Kwiknic is an effective generic medicine for women who wish to quit smoking, while V Wash Plus is an innovative product that helps keep the genital area clean and hygienic. These generic products are similar to their branded counterparts, as they contain same ingredient, usage directions and safety. You can rely on these products to treat and prevent health issues, as they are high in quality and cheaper.

Kwiknic is a generic medication that is used as a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). This generic anti-smoking therapy is very safe and effective for women who want to kick the habit of smoking. NRT is probably the best way to quit smoking. Though it is available easily through online pharmacies, it is imperative to check with your medical prescriber before using Kwiknic. ITC Ltd. manufactures this generic medicine.

V Wash Plus is a specially formulated hygienic wash solution for aiding women’s intimate needs. It contains Lactic Acid that is infused with tea tree oil and buckthorn oil. These ingredients are known to maintain the vaginal pH balance, thereby preventing irritation, itching and dryness. Moreover, it keeps the genital area clean and fresh all day long. It overall antimicrobial effect keeps the private parts away from infection and inflammation.

The results with these generic medical products are absolutely safe, gratifying and guaranteed. You can buy Kwiknic and V Wash Plus online through this internet drugstore at best price. Make sure you use any of these generic healthcare products after speaking to your medical professional. This will help to use the product without any complexities.

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