Himalaya Speman

Himalaya Speman
Himalaya Herbal Healthcare
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Himalaya Speman medication helps impotent men to lead the best impotency free life as it helps in flourishing the sperm count and at the same time, it also reinforces the production of sperm quality in impotent men. Medicine is also known to be valuable for dealing with Oligospermia (semen with diminishing levels of sperm, which affects male impotency condition). The herbal solution is an undeniable hope for men that are seen suffering from impotence condition. In case men face potency complications; the solvent solution helps in enhancing the sperm quality and count that might really work as life savior. The power-packed solution helps in boosting up the quality and count of sperms. The medicine helps in experiencing flawless outcome without any issues of repeated penile failures. The solution boosts up LH-FSH, which subsidize in boosting up the quality of sperm. Multi-functional natural medicine form of herbal blend performs as the best mood enhancer.


Sensational round colored red pills are known for treating penile failure treating solution as they might help in effectiveness as soon as it is consumed. The solution is suggested for oral consumption with a glass of water post light meals. It should not be crushed or chewed as altering the state of the medicine can lower the effectiveness of high dosage medicine.


How Speman Work

Spermatogenesis or sperm cell is known for developing hormonal drive from the gonadotrophins and testosterone. Himalaya Speman medication is known for helping in sperm cell development by enhancing the functions of the testicles, seminal vesicles and epididymis that helps for storing, maturating, and transporting sperms. Speman medicine helps in supporting healthy levels of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormones (LH) by enhancing LH-FSH basophil cells in the pituitary glands.


The herbal solution is also known for acting as an aphrodisiac. The hormone that regulates functions in the herbs can lead to an enhancement in libido and it helps in stimulating the release of pheromones and testosterone. It also enhances the blood supply to the penile organs and aids in normal ejaculation.


Consumption & Dosage

In the beginning, Himalaya Speman is to be consumed as 2 pills twice in a day with meals (2 tablets during/after lunch and 2 during/after dinner). Later the herbal pill can be consumed as lower dosage to one tablet twice a day with meals. The ayurvedic solution is known for acting on the body's organs and it takes time to deliver effectiveness. A man might need to allow at least a month or two for watching out the results which can vary.


Important Information on Speman

  • Himalaya Speman is composed of 10 herbs and minerals
  • The pill is designed for boosting up the male reproductive system and supporting normal male fertility and sexual functions as a whole
  • Herbs and their proportion have been formed as per Ayurvedic principles that are available by renowned Himalaya Herbals company


Side Effects

Speman by Himalaya Herbals is known to be a safe medication when consumed as recommended dosage for most of the individuals. There is no side effect observed with the herbal medicine when long-term use of herbal capsule is done.


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