5 Warning Signs You May Have Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence is a common sexual disorder, which is experienced by males. It may occur at any age. The reason for erection difficulties differs among younger and older males.  

Younger males might develop erection difficulties because of some factors like stress, anxiety, performance anxiety, depression, etc. All these are the psychological factors that interfere with the sexual function.

Older men might experience such difficulties because of some underlying or chronic health condition. The illnesses that impair the health and function of blood vessels are responsible for causing erectile dysfunction.  

Experiencing erection difficulties occasionally is normal. However, if you are struggling with erection function regularly, then it is a thing of concern. This blog will make you aware of the signs of erectile dysfunction.

Indications of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction stems from a lack of blood flow through the penile arteries. The erectile tissues will not receive sufficient oxygen and nutrients to function optimally. The decrease in blood flow to the penile affects the erection quality.

Here are five potential symptoms that you might be experiencing that can be warning signs of erectile dysfunction:

Struggle to attain erections:

Struggling to get an erection occasionally is normal. It might happen because of some psychological reasons like stress and anxiety. This might also happen because of medicinal side effects or alcohol intoxication.  

When you struggle to get an erection every time, then there might be problems. Difficulty in getting erections usually occurs when the blood vessels of the penile fail to deliver adequate blood to promote stronger erections. This happens due to constricted blood vessels.

For firmer erections, sexual stimulation is necessary, that is when the blood supply to the penile gets boosted. After arousal, the cavernous nerves of the penile release a neurotransmitter chemical, known as nitric oxide (NO) in the inner walls of the penile blood vessels.

When the NO is not released adequately, the increase of blood flow inside the penile blood vessels does not happen. In this way, the lack of blood flow to the penile makes it difficult to promote erection.

Difficult to sustain erections:

The blood flow inside the penile blood vessels results because of constrictions. The blood vessels turn hard and become narrow, thereby blocking the blood flow to the penile.  Because of the reduction in the flow of blood, the blood vessels fail to trap sufficient blood inside, resulting in weaker erections or no erections at all.

For prolonged erections, arousal is crucial. Because of arousal, the release of nitric oxide happens in the walls of the blood vessels. NO causes vasodilation in the penile and an increase in the blood supply in the penile blood vessels.  

The blood flow is limited inside the penile blood vessels, which happens because of narrowing of the blood vessels. With the reduction in the blood flow, the blood vessels fail to trap the blood inside, which is why they may struggle to maintain firmer erections.  

Diminished sexual desire:

The struggle and difficulty to get or sustain firmer erections make the individual lose interest and desire to become intimate. Although this might become more common with age. But there can be several other reasons for losing interest in sex, they may include hormonal imbalances, medicinal side effects, chronic health illnesses, etc.

The primary hormone which regulates sexual function in males is testosterone. The decline in the levels of this hormone makes the person lose interest in sexual activity.

Loss of sensation in the penile:

The penile might slowly lose its sensitivity as men become older. Some sources revealed that, with age, the person might require more sexual stimulation because of the decrease in penile sensitivity.

This can be a warning sign that the person might develop the symptoms of erectile dysfunction at some point in the future.

Morning erections: Early morning erections, also known as morning wood, are a natural phenomenon that is very common among males. It is characterized by spontaneous erections that usually happen upon waking up in the morning. Such erections occur during the sleep state.

Morning wood is a sign of a healthy sexual function. When it happens frequently and regularly, it indicates optimal erection health. However, when a person stops getting morning wood, then this can signify erection difficulties.

Solution for erectile dysfunction

Erection difficulties can be overcome with ED medicines like Tadalista Super Active. These medicines contain a key ingredient, known as Tadalafil. It is a PDE5 inhibitor, which expands the narrowed arteries of the penile and allows more blood flow to the penile.

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