Physiological Contributing Factors Of Impotence

Impotence Affecting Sexual Health

There are many reasons why your sexual experience might not be exciting, and impotence is one of those. Impotence is a cause of some underlying physiological or psychological factor. Moreover, sexual health is the ability to understand the benefits, risks, and responsibilities of sexual behavior which encompasses all activities that gratify an individual’s sexual needs. Sexual health also includes the prevention of a disease that affects your sexual performance. However, you might consider using Malegra 120 which serves as an effective treatment option for erectile dysfunction. It contains an FDA-approved component for restoring sexual function and improving your sexual performance.          

Effects Of Obesity And Diabetes  

Obesity is a challenging situation that is characteristic of an excessive amount of fat deposition in various parts of the body. Generally, the risk increases with an increase in BMI. It is majorly responsible for causing erectile dysfunction. It causes hormonal imbalances, endothelial dysfunction, and physical inactivity. It leads to the access deposition of fats or plaque formation in the passages of the blood vessels and is responsible for clogging the vascular system. It further causes the blockage of blood supply to different areas of the body. Weight loss is the only way to alleviate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in the case of obesity. Impotence issues in obese men are comparatively more frequent than in the general population.    

Moreover, diabetes is a condition that leads to impairments in nerves, blood vessels, and muscle function. Erectile dysfunction stems due to the damaging impact of diabetes on the vascular system. To achieve an erection, a healthy vascular system is a precondition that ensures effective blood circulation between the heart, tissues, and organs in the body. Diabetes can have degrading effects on the blood vessels and nerves that manage erection function. Even if your sex drive is perfect and your hormones are well balanced, you might not be able to get an erection for indulging in sexual intercourse.     

Effects Of Cardiovascular Disorders

Heart disease is one of the independent causes of erectile dysfunction. Symptoms of impotence are often considered an indication of an underlying heart condition. It could possibly be a warning sign of a current or future heart problem. Vascular diseases damage the blood vessels which can be due to Atherosclerosis, which is the hardening of arteries, hypertension which stands for high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. These disorders usually account for 70% of physical-related causes of erectile dysfunction and restrict the flow of blood to the heart, the brain, to the reproductive organs.     

Effects Of Kidney And Liver Disease

Kidney disease leads to chemical changes in the body that affect hormones, circulation, nerve function, and energy levels. These majorly affect the sexual ability and the drugs used for the treatment of kidney disease may also cause erectile dysfunction. In addition, liver dysfunction is also significantly associated with erectile dysfunction. Comorbidities such as arterial hypertension and diabetes play a key role in its development.       

Treatment Option For ED

Physiological disorders have a damaging effect on sexual function as the penile blood vessels deprive the reproductive organs of sufficient blood for promoting an erection. Incorporating the usage of Malegra 120 helps to revitalize the function of the penile blood vessels by instigating adequate blood to the penile shaft for triggering an erection. Malegra 120 due to its high-dosage composition works on severe forms of erectile dysfunction. It must be taken in the presence of sexual arousal.       


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