Alkem Laboratories Ltd

The manufacturer Alkem Laboratories Ltd. is known to be a leading Indian pharmaceutical company with some of the global operations, which are engaged in the development, manufacture, and sale of some super effective and trusted pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products.


Established in the earlier the year 1973, Alkem Laboratories Ltd. produces high-quality branded solutions, generic drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients and nutraceuticals, the manufacturer in India and over 50 countries internationally. With some of the comprehensive portfolio of over 750 brands covering some of the major therapeutic segments and some robust pan-India sales and distribution network, this manufacturer has been ranked amongst some of the top ten pharmaceutical companies in India with the terms of some domestic sales for the past 15 years. Alkem Laboratories Ltd. manufacturer has also been known to be on the No.1 rank for being an anti-infective company in India for more than 10 years and it has all featured amongst the leading pharmaceutical companies in the therapeutic segments of Gastro-intestinal, Pain management, and Vitamins / Minerals / Nutrients. The manufacturer Alkem Laboratories Ltd. is currently ranked as the sixth largest pharmaceutical company in India in terms of domestic sales in the fiscal year 2018 with some of the iconic brands including Clavam, Pan, Pan-D, Taxim and Taxim-O featuring amongst the top 50 pharmaceutical brands present in India.


Apart from having some sort of strong foothold in the domestic market, Alkem Laboratories Ltd. manufacturer has also been a presence in more than 50 international markets, along with the United States is as the key focus International market. Our International business contributed about 28% for some of the overall revenues in the fiscal year 2018 and it is one of the important growths that are delivered for the company.


Alkem Laboratories Ltd. Company has an extensive for manufacturing some of the footprints with a total of 21 manufacturing facilities including 19 in India and 2 the United States. The manufacturing facilities are inspected and audited as per cGMP guidelines as laid down by some of the regulatory authorities including the US FDA, World Health Organization (WHO), MHRA (UK), TGA (Australia), ANVISA (Brazil) and MCC (South Africa).


As noted on December 23, 2015, Alkem Laboratories Ltd. successfully completed our some of the Initial Public Offering (IPO) with equity that is shared while being listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange Limited and the National Stock Exchange of India Limited.

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