Anatomy Of The Penis How An Erection Works

The general anatomy of the penile includes the head, shaft, and foreskin. The shaft encloses the erectile tissue and urethra, which facilitates the passing of urine and sperm ejaculation. The penile is a male organ that is used for urination and sexual penetration.

Anatomy and Physiology of the penile

The penile is an organ that is a part of the male reproductive system. It is in the front of the body, at the base of the pelvic region. The penile mainly contains erectile tissues. It is composed of several components, which include:


It is a tube-like structure in the penile shaft, serving as a passage for urine and seminal fluid to exit the body. This tube runs from the bladder to the tip of the penile.

It collects urine and seminal fluid and leads them to the penile tip for expelling. It has a crucial role in the reproductive system and urinary system.

Corpus Cavernosa:

These are two columns of spongy erectile tissues on the inside of the penile shaft. They take up most of the penile. These columns contain erectile tissues, which consist of nerves, muscle fibers, and blood vessels.

When the pressure inside these tissues increases after the blood flow increases after arousal, it turns rigid. The filling up of blood inside these two chambers helps gets stronger erections.

Corpus Spongiosum:

It is a third column parallel to the corpus cavernosa columns. It runs through the shaft of the penile to the head of the penile. It surrounds the urethra.


The glans is the tip of the penile, or head where the penile shaft ends. It is highly sensitive because it has thousands of nerve endings.   


The tip of the penile has an opening through which the urine and seminal fluids get expelled out from the penile shaft. This opening is known as meatus.


The prepuce is also known as the foreskin. It covers the head of the penile. It is a loose fold of skin that can be removed with a surgical procedure called circumcision.

How does an erection happen?

The penile becomes erect when its blood vessels receive an increased supply of blood. The blood enters the penile chambers inside the erectile tissues. It traps under some pressure, which helps sustain erections. For a healthy erection function, the blood flow inside the penile must increase.

The blood flow increases when vasodilation happens. Vasodilation expands the blood vessels and relaxes them completely. As the blood vessels widen, more blood flows inside them with ease.

The erection function gets stimulated after receiving signals from the parasympathetic nerves, which triggers the release of a neurotransmitter chemical known as nitric oxide (NO).

NO is released in the endothelial walls of the penile blood vessels. It increases the relaxation of the blood vessels and expands their passages to boost blood flow inside.

How does erection function get impaired?

The person may fail to get erections or struggle to maintain them. This can be a short-term issue. They may experience erection difficulties temporarily. This might be a result of some psychological issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, negative emotions, etc.

Such psychological concerns interfere with sexual function and give rise to erection difficulties. Several other reasons like medicinal side effects, alcohol, recreational drugs, injury, or surgery may also contribute to erection problems temporarily.

Some might develop permanent erectile dysfunction because of some physiological health conditions. Some health issues impact the vascular function and affect the erections.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction

Erection function can be restored with the help of ED medicines such as Malegra 25. The main function of these pills is to improve the erection function by treating erectile dysfunction in men. These pills contain Sildenafil Citrate, which is their active ingredient responsible for eliminating sexual difficulties.  

The active ingredient comes under the class of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor drugs, that have strong vasodilator properties. The medicine works by inhibiting PDE5 enzyme action in the penile blood vessels.

PDE5 enzymes cause blockages in the vascular passages, which block the blood flow to the penile, thereby leading to erectile dysfunction. However, the medicine overcomes these blockages and increases the blood flow to the penile. Thus, Malegra 25 restores a healthy erection function.

Moreover, branded pills for treating ED are quite expensive, and hence not affordable for everyone. The medicines are the generic versions of the branded pill like Viagra. It can obtain similar effects as the original one, and they can be bought at cheaper costs.

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