Ayurveda medicine for treating premature ejaculation


Ayurvedic herbs have been used since ancient times for curing multitudes of health issues. They also help manage problems related to sexual health.

Sexual difficulties like erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation (PE), orgasmic disorder, fertility issues, etc. can be managed well with ayurvedic medications.

Such medications contain herbal formulations. They aim to restore the balance of four elements, that are fire, water, air, and earth in the body.  

Through balancing these elements, ayurvedic medications can help manage premature ejaculation symptoms.  

Ayurvedic medications for premature ejaculation

Here are some Ayurvedic remedies and approaches that are commonly recommended:  


Ashwagandha is a powerful herb that may boost the levels of the Testosterone hormone. It is the primary sex hormone in males. Testosterone has a key function to perform in regulating sexual function.    

The health of your sexual function remains optimal when the levels of testosterone are healthy. A drop in testosterone levels impacts sexual health and function.        

Individuals with low testosterone levels in their body tend to experience sexual difficulties like low sex drive or low libido, premature ejaculation (PE), lack of desire for sex, reduced sperm quality, and erectile dysfunction (ED).    

Moreover, this Ayurvedic herb has potent qualities that may help restore the hormone balance in the body. It can improve your ejaculatory function and promote sexual satisfaction.

Incorporating the use of Ashwagandha may boost the testosterone levels in the body. By restoring the hormonal balance, ashwagandha may help promote sexual well-being.    

Safed Musli  

Safed Musli or white Musli is considered to have natural aphrodisiac properties and is believed to be a sex stimulator and rejuvenator. This Ayurvedic medicine has unbeatable medicinal properties. 

It may not have a direct influence on your ejaculatory function. The medicine works on improving your overall sexual function. By triggering an overall positive impact, the herb can restore ejaculatory response.   

According to several studies, White Musli can boost your testosterone production, which may help restore a healthy balance of testosterone levels. Testosterone is a vital hormone that important role in regulating sex drive or libido, sexual function, and reproductive health.  

A healthy balance of testosterone in the body may contribute to better ejaculatory control. Although the impacts will not be direct but still the herb can influence an improved ejaculation response.      


Shilajit is a rare mineral-rich substance that is found primarily in the Himalayan rocks. It has got strong rejuvenating qualities. It is mainly included in a range of different medications that address sexual disorders in males.

Shilajit can help manage erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation (PE), testosterone disorders, and fertility problems. Besides, it may also boost immunity and keep you protected against diseases and illnesses.         

Because of its strong medicinal properties, this substance is included in a range of medicines that overcome sexual problems. This sexual performance booster substance also improves your stamina and endurance.     

Additionally, some men may experience ejaculatory problems because of erectile dysfunction (ED). ED can be managed with medicines like Megalis 20.


This Ayurvedic herb has been included in a variety of medicines that resolve issues related to reproductive health and sexual vitality. Shatavari may not be particularly used for targeting ejaculatory problems.

It can influence the overall sexual function rather than just impacting ejaculatory function. It can be said that this medicine has an indirect impact on premature ejaculation.

Certain hormones have a crucial role in regulating sexual function. Since the function of hormones is vital in sexual function, their imbalance can have an adverse effect. However, this herb helps balance the hormone levels in the body.

Additionally, Shatavari also has anti-inflammatory properties, which lower the inflammation of the reproductive system. Inflammation can affect the genital organs and impact their function, leading to ejaculatory issues.

The use of Shatavari can alleviate ejaculatory issues by helping men gain control over their ejaculation function.


Gokshura, also called Tribulus terrestris, is a well-known herb in Ayurveda known for its powerful medicinal properties. It boosts reproductive health and has strong aphrodisiac properties.         

Gokshura may not be directly associated with treating symptoms of premature ejaculation in traditional Ayurvedic texts.  

The herb supports overall reproductive health and sexual function, which may indirectly help overcome issues of premature ejaculation. Besides, the herb also exhibits anti-inflammatory properties.

Moreover, the herb also has anti-inflammatory properties, which may be beneficial for reducing inflammation and irritation in the genital region.

Inflammation in the genital organs can lead to sexual disorders. This can affect the ejaculatory control. However, the herb can help lower the inflammation and improve ejaculatory control.  

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