Can Cinnamon Help Improve Your Sex Life

Cinnamon is a popular spice that is used mainly as an aromatic condiment. It accentuates the flavor in a wide variety of cuisines. This potent spice is also known for offering a myriad of health benefits.

However, its effectiveness in specifically improving sexual function and performance is not proven yet. More research needs to be done to ascertain the direct impact of cinnamon on sexual function.

According to anecdotal evidence, some powerful herbs and spices including cinnamon may have aphrodisiac properties. This might enhance sexual well-being.  

Again, there is no such conclusive research that can verify and consolidate these anecdotal claims. Moreover, cinnamon might not directly influence your sexual performance, but it might indirectly trigger some improvements.

Effects of cinnamon on sex life

Given below are several aspects of cinnamon that might potentially benefit your sex life:

Boosts blood circulation: Though mild, cinnamon does produce vasodilating effects. It relieves the muscle tension of the blood vessels. In turn, it relaxes and expands the blood vessels, which increases the supply of blood through their passages.

This boost in circulation can be very beneficial for sexual function. When blood circulation through the blood vessels of the genital organs increases, the sexual function improves.

In males, the increase in blood supply to the penile improves their erection function. It can help them achieve stronger erections.

Besides, circulation makes the sexual organs more sensitive to arousal. Thus, it can also enhance the ability to become sexually aroused.

Reduces blood sugar levels: Cinnamon can help manage the blood sugar level spikes. Studies have shown that diabetic individuals are highly susceptible to developing issues related to their sexual function.

It can reduce blood sugar levels by improving insulin sensitivity. Insulin is a hormone that facilitates the absorption of sugar (glucose) from the blood by the cells. Its impairment causes a rise in the levels of sugar in the blood.

Cinnamon may regulate blood sugar levels and reduce the possibility of developing sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation (PE), low sex drive or low libido, orgasmic disorder, etc.

Have antioxidant properties: Cinnamon consists of antioxidants that can protect the cells of your body from damage due to oxidative stress. The damage is caused by free radicals which are substances that unstable molecules contribute to the damage of body organs.

Oxidative stress potentiates the risk of developing chronic health conditions. It also affects the health and function of blood vessels. When the blood vessels of the genitals get affected, the sexual function might suffer.

Cinnamon can combat oxidative stress and reduce inflammation. It may indirectly improve your sexual function and performance.

Enhances sexual desire: Cinnamon is a natural aphrodisiac that can arouse sexual desires. It has a strong and pleasing aroma that uplifts your mood and stimulates your senses. It triggers the feeling of arousal. It can be a sexual enhancer.

Boosts testosterone levels: Cinnamon can promote the production of sex hormones, testosterone in males and estrogen in females. Testosterone and estrogen are the sex hormones that regulate the sex drive or libido and sexual desire. When the level of this hormone increases in the body, your sex life will get a necessary boost.  

Have anti-inflammatory properties: Cinnamon has strong anti-inflammatory properties, which help in improving the circulation of blood through the body. The boost in blood supply through the sexual organs increases their sensitivity and improves arousal.

Intensifies arousal: The increase in the blood flow to the sexual organs intensifies the ability to get aroused easily. This enhances pleasure and makes the orgasms more intense.

In males, their ability to get and sustain harder erections may improve. While females may experience lubrication for easy and comfortable sexual intercourse.  

Improves heart health: Cinnamon can support heart health. It can reduce the levels of low-density cholesterol (LDL), also called “bad cholesterol”. High levels of LDL might contribute to heart damage. It can also increase your blood pressure and double the risk of heart disease.

Sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction and low sex drive or libido are the early symptoms of heart disease. Cinnamon can lower the risk of heart disease and in turn, it also prevents sexual dysfunction.

Alternative ways to boost sex life

Exercise: Exercise can help you lose extra weight and stay in shape. Weight gain can potentiate the risk of developing health conditions that can affect the erection function.

Kegels: Kegel exercises boost circulation in the pelvic region, which is essential for a healthy sexual response.

ED medicines: In case you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, then you may consider using ED medicines like Eriacta 100.

Get enough sleep: Sleep deprivation can affect your overall health and well-being. Sexual health is one aspect of overall health that will get impacted. So, get adequate sleep.

Talk to your partner: Talking with your partner will deepen your emotional bond. This will make your sex life more satisfactory. 

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