Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Reversed

A sexual condition like erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence is common among men. This difficulty is characterized by an inability to get and sustain erections firm enough for sexual intercourse. This can be a frustrating experience, as it prevents sexual pleasure and satisfaction.  

ED can be reversed to a great extent. This can be done by implementing several changes to the lifestyle, getting underlying health conditions treated on time, changing medicines, and so on. However, the condition cannot be cured, but it is reversible though.

Effective ways to reverse ED

Erectile dysfunction can be a manifestation of some issues with physical health or with psychological health. Psychological ED can be managed by addressing mental health concerns while underlying physical causes need medical intervention.  

Here are several techniques that can help you reverse the impotence issues:

Lifestyle changes

Begin by paying attention to what you eat in a day. An unhealthy diet typically lacks nutritional value. If your diet majorly involves unhealthy foods then it is high time to make changes to it. Consume a diet that has high nutritional content.

Along with diet, you must regularly perform some exercises for at least 30 minutes daily. This will boost the blood circulation in the body, which is essential for maintaining a healthy weight. Also, it improves heart health and cardiovascular function, which is crucial for a healthy erectile response.

Moreover, if you are a chronic smoker then consider quitting this habit altogether. Smoking contributes to the deterioration of vascular function, which leads to severe forms of ED.

Furthermore, those who consume alcohol excessively should limit its consumption. Doing so reduces the chances of worsening ED. Therefore, it is essential to make the necessary adjustments to the lifestyle, which will aid ED reversal.

Kegel exercises

Kegels are pelvic floor exercises that ease the blood flow to the pelvic region. Men experiencing difficulties with erection function, ejaculatory function, and problems while urinating will benefit a lot from these exercises.

These exercises target the pelvic floor muscles. The muscles get trained and strengthened after performing these exercises regularly. Kegels involve the squeezing and contracting of the pelvic floor muscles.

They can be done in standing, sitting, or in lying positions. They can help reverse the symptoms of erectile dysfunction by boosting the blood circulation in the penile. Besides, those with ejaculatory disorders will be able to restore a healthy ejaculation function.

Get treatment for underlying health issues

Sometimes the cause of ED can be underlying health conditions such as heart disease, cardiovascular disorder, high blood pressure, diabetes, and so on. Erectile dysfunction can be an indication of such a health condition. This is so, because, such health issues primarily cause damage to the vascular function.

Since vascular health and function are essential for a healthy erectile response, its damage leads to erection difficulties. If you are frequently experiencing difficulties to get or sustain erections, then get yourself diagnosed through medical intervention.

If the diagnostic evaluation test reports reveal the presence of some health condition, the healthcare provider will prescribe an appropriate treatment to manage the condition and prevent it from worsening. Timely treatment will prevent the ED symptoms from becoming severe and alleviate those. 

Medication changes

Certain types of medications that you are already using for managing some health conditions might be the reason for ED. It can be more so a side effect of such medications. This can be prevented.

You must discuss this with your healthcare provider. They will make some necessary adjustments to the dose or might prescribe you some alternative medicine. Do not make changes to the dose on your own, talk to your healthcare provider instead.

Use ED medications

There is the availability of a wide variety of ED medicines that can help restore your erection function. You need to consult your healthcare provider who will prescribe an appropriate medicine and dose suitable for your condition.

The dose will be suggested considering several factors including severity of ED problems, health condition, medicines, and age. Note that, ED medicines do not cure the condition completely, their effects remain in the bloodstream for a short time.

ED medicines like Penegra 100 can revive the erection function by causing vasodilation in the penile shaft. This boosts the blood flow inside the blood vessels. These medicines do not promote erections suddenly. Sexual stimulation is essential for these medicines to produce their effects.

Mechanical devices

Using mechanical devices such as a vacuum erection device (VED), also called a penile pump, can help draw blood to the penile. This can restore the erection function. However, this might not be the safest option. 

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