Does Honey Make You Last Longer In Bed?

Honey is generally called a golden elixir that is packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants. It has strong anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, and anti-cancer properties, which can combat various infections and manage several health conditions. Apart from being a potent therapeutic agent, it is also considered a natural aphrodisiac that is helpful in enhancing sexual desire.  

Honey has been known for centuries as a benefactor of sexual health. It has also been shown by many studies that honey can increase your sexual stamina and extend the duration of sexual performance. A combination of its energy-booster effects and aphrodisiac effects makes it a perfect food to be incorporated into your daily diet. As it can have a major impact on your energy levels, it can certainly make you last longer in bed.             

Given below are some ways in which honey can improve your sexual performance and make you last longer in bed:  

Boosts sex drive

Honey is considered as a stimulant of sexual desire. It triggers the production and release of sex hormones such as testosterone and estrogen, both of which are essential for enhancing sexual desires. In males, honey increases the levels of testosterone in the body, which is the primary male sex hormone that boosts their sex drive or libido. Besides, honey is enriched with natural sugar, which provides sustained energy that can help them remain sexually active for longer.

Improves erection function

Honey can boost the circulation of blood inside the penile and can benefit those experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence issues. Men with erectile dysfunction find it difficult to get or maintain erections, which is a cause of lack of blood flow to the penile. However, compounds in honey can trigger the release of a chemical known as nitric oxide (NO) in the penile arteries, which increases the relaxation of the arteries by dilating them and allowing more blood into the penile. NO release in the walls of the penile arteries restores a healthy erection function.

Increases blood flowHoney contains some compounds that enhance the flow of blood to the reproductive organs. An increase in the blood circulation eliminates all problems related to the sexual health. When the blood flows adequately in the sexual organs, it increases the sexual sensitivity of the individual. In males, this increased blood circulation in the penile triggers stronger erections that sustain for a long.  

Those experiencing ejaculatory disorders might benefit from honey, as its compounds can restore a healthy ejaculation function. Besides, women facing issues because of lack of lubrication might also see improvement with the vasodilating effects of honey.  

Improves stamina

Honey is loaded with natural sugars, which maintain high energy levels for a very long duration. It sustains stamina that is fundamental to lasting longer in bed. Honey contains fructose as a natural sugar. Fructose takes longer to get fully digested in the body. It releases the energy gradually and steadily. Because of this continual and slow release of energy, the stamina sustains, which keeps the individual motivated. They do not feel tired or fatigued and remain sexually active.

Restores hormonal balance

Honey is a good source of boron, which is a mineral that is helpful in hormone regulation. According to some research, boron can improve erectile dysfunction problems in men, which is caused because of hormonal fluctuations. This mineral can restore testosterone and estrogen levels in the body and improve sexual function.

Eliminates fertility issues

Honey can treat fertility problems in both males and females. The compounds of honey can improve sperm health and its motility to swim swiftly to the egg (ovum). In females, honey consumption can alleviate PMS symptoms and regulate the menstrual cycle. Apart from that, it can reduce the chances of infections that can harm sexual function by affecting the reproductive organs.   

Ways to consume honey  

Honey can be incorporated into the diet in various ways. You can simply add it to your food or drink. You can check out simple recipes to include in your daily diet. To make it easy, you can simply add it to your drinks. For an instant boost for performing sexually better, you can have the drink before engaging in sexual activity. You can try the following drinks:

  • Herbal tea and honey – The boost of antioxidants from this tea can increase the testosterone levels in the body. This drink helps you attain complete relaxation, which increases your sensitivity to sexual stimulation.
  • Milk and honey – This drink increases your stamina and keeps your energy levels high.
  • Honey lemonade – This drink can make you stay active and energetic throughout your intimate activity.
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