Does The Penile Size Matter For Women

The size of the penile is not the sole determinant of female orgasm. Besides penile size, many other factors matter. These include stimulation of erogenous zones, emotional connection, communication, and sexual compatibility.    

Some women may prefer certain sizes for enhanced pleasure. Some may like smaller sizes while others may go for bigger ones. Their choice entirely depends on individual preferences.     

For maximum sexual satisfaction, the level of intimacy is also essential. This can be improved with communication and mutual understanding.

These things offer more satisfaction in combination with physical attributes like penile size.

Female orgasms through vaginal stimulation  

In some women, the sexual arousal can happen only during sexual intercourse. They may not become aroused easily with stimulation to erogenous zones or through clitoral stimulation.

In many women, generally, the maximum sexual pleasure can be achieved with vaginal stimulation.

However, the sexual preference of every woman may vary widely. This is so, because, every woman’s body is unique, which is why their bodily needs differ.  

Some women may like the stimulation of erogenous zones such as the nape of the neck, breasts, clitoris, and inner thigh. Touching and stroking these areas will make them sexually aroused. 

Penile size preference  

For women who prefer vaginal stimulation, they might be very particular when it comes to the size of the penile. A smaller penile may not give the desired pleasure.

Those women who do not necessarily prefer vaginal stimulation, they may go for other ways of sexual pleasure.  

But when sexual pleasure is concerned, the size of the penile can be given some importance. It is essential to understand that the penile size has not much to do with sexual pleasure.      

Besides, a bigger penile doesn't need to be essentially associated with more pleasure.

Some women may dislike it because of pain and discomfort during penetration. Also, a bigger penile may enhance the risk of injury and infection.  

Why does the penile size concern women?  

When the penile is too big, much more than the average one, it might be difficult to have sexual intercourse. There is also an enhanced risk of injury while having intercourse.

There is also a possibility of tearing, which can lead to pain and discomfort during penetration. One needs to be more careful when planning for anal sex. Bigger penile can cause tremendous pain during anal sex.

Due to the fear of pain and tearing, some women may even try to resist sexual activity. They may practice avoidance of sex.

Does a smaller penile mean less sexual pleasure?

Some women like smaller penile size because it will not give rise to pain or discomfort during sexual penetration. Also, there won’t be any fear of tearing and injuries.

A smaller penile does not necessarily dull your sexual performance. One can get maximum pleasure by trying certain sex positions. You can explore specific positions that offer great pleasure.

Besides, it is easier to perform oral sex because of the small size of the penile. According to some sources, the average penile size is approximately 3.6 inches long when in a flaccid state.

When erect, it grows up to 5.2 inches in size. The changes also happen with the girth size.  

Why does penile size bother men?  

Most men do not feel enough because of their small size. They may have the fear of not being satisfying their partner sexually.

It is essential to acknowledge that emotional and psychological factors also have a significant role to play in sexual arousal and satisfaction.

Honest communication between partners about discussing desires, boundaries, and preferences is key to exploring and enhancing sexual satisfaction together.  

So, even if you have a smaller penile, that should not prevent you from having a satisfying sex life.

Does penile size affect fertility?

The size of the penile generally does not directly contribute to fertility issues. Your fertility primarily depends on your reproductive health and the functionality of the reproductive organs.

For optimal fertility, including the testes, sperm production, and the functionality of the female reproductive system.       

Moreover, individuals experiencing erection difficulties can use ED medications like Eriacta 50 mg. These medicines are phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors. They boost blood circulation to the penile.   

The lowdown

Penile size can be one of the important factors that can offer more pleasure during sex. Several other factors also contribute to a satisfying sexual experience for women.

The preference for penile size may vary among women. Certain physical attributes can give more pleasure to women.

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