For How Long Can A Man Go Without Sex

How often men engage in sexual activity depends on their sex drive or libido, which differs from one individual to another. Those who have high sex drive frequently have sex, while those with low sex drive feel less inclined to have sex.

In general, being sexually active has several health benefits. It improves the cardiovascular health, which is essential for optimal erection function. Some men deliberately practice celibacy, wherein they avoid sex. While some refrain from it because of sexual disorders.

How long can men stay without sex?

Men can go months to years without having sex and there is nothing wrong with that. Their desire for sex keeps fluctuating. Sometimes they feel more inclined to have sex, while other times they may lack the interest and desire.   

There is no standard number as to how long men can go without having sex. They can live without sex or even practice abstinence, although it might not adversely impact their health.   

The sexual needs of every individual are different. There is a big role of sex hormones, that is, testosterone when it comes to igniting sexual desire. Those with high levels of testosterone tend to have high sex drive and they remain sexually active.

Men with high testosterone need more sex. They frequently engage in sexual activity and remain sexually active. Men having low testosterone levels in the body struggle to become sexually aroused. They may naturally feel less inclined for sex. 

Impacts of not having sex for too long

Increased stress

Lack of sex in a relationship can make a person irritable, frustrated, and stressed. Sex can serve as an outlet for the stuck emotions. It triggers the release of feel-good hormones, which makes the person feel happy and completely relaxed.

Those who remain sexually active tend to exhibit good mood. They feel more relaxed compared to sexually repressed individuals. Sex increases pleasure and dissolves negative emotions like stress and anxiety. 

Experience a lack of sleep

Being sexually active will keep up the levels of hormones that facilitate complete relaxation and ease of sleep. Sex allows you to de-stress and unwind. It takes away all your worries and enhances sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

Sexual activity triggers the release of three major hormones, including oxytocin, prolactin, and dopamine. Prolactin is responsible for enhancing satisfaction. Dopamine is a feel-good hormone, whereas oxytocin calms your system down, which encourages better sleep.

Blood pressure rise

Some studies have shown that those who do not live a sexually active life are more susceptible to blood pressure spikes. This happens because of increased stress levels. It is all interconnected. Stress is a primary cause of physiological problems.  

Avoiding sexual activity causes an increase in the levels of blood pressure. If the blood pressure remains persistently high for longer, this might contribute to the risk of vascular dysfunction. This can in turn lead to erectile dysfunction (ED) in men.

However, a sexual difficulty like erectile dysfunction can be managed with Penegra 50 medicines. These medicines improve the erection response and boost sexual performance.  

Risk of heart disease      

Studies have revealed that men who have an active sex life, are less likely to develop issues related to their heart health. The more the sex, the better the heart health and cardiovascular function.   

Weak immune response

Lack of sex can lead to a weaker immune system response, according to some studies. Regular sexual activity boosts your immune system’s response, thereby making it fight off infections in a more efficient manner. In this way, you will stay protected against illnesses and diseases.

Poor cognitive function

As per some studies, not having sexual interactions for too long can affect memory function. This happens because of chronic stress. As sex provides an outlet for stress, avoiding sex can lead to the buildup of chronic stress. This can impact the memory function.

Solution for impotence  

Those who are desirous of having fulfilling sex but are not able to achieve that because of erectile dysfunction can opt for remedial solutions. There is an availability of various treatment methods like oral ED medicines, supplements, vacuum erection devices, constriction rings, topical creams, penile implants, and injections.

It is better to seek the help of a healthcare professional who can guide you in choosing the most suitable option for you. Treatment will allow you to continue your sex life and release stress.  

Besides, it is equally important to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Quit bad habits like smoking, drinking, and, drug abuse. Find ways to release the stress and live a peaceful life.

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