Have Morning Wood But Still Have ED

Despite experiencing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED), some men might continue to get morning wood. They may wake up in the middle of the night with a stronger erection. What could possibly be the reason? Read on to find out.        

Let us begin with the basics for a better understanding!    

What is morning wood?

Morning wood is a natural phenomenon that is very common among males. It is referred to as Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT). It is characterized by spontaneous erections that usually occur upon waking up in the morning. Such erections may also occur during sleep.       

Morning wood may not necessarily happen in the morning only. The person may get erections several times (3 to 5 times) in their sleep. It happens during Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which is a dream state.   

How common is morning wood?

This phenomenon is more frequent among younger males, although it can be experienced by men of all ages. Its occurrence is an indication of a healthy erection function and sexual response.

As males get older, their frequency of morning wood may reduce. These changes may happen due to the natural process of aging. With age, their sexual function declines because of conditions like physiological, psychological, emotional, and hormonal imbalances. As a result, the physiology of their erection function is affected.  

How morning wood and erectile dysfunction are linked?

Men with erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence do not experience morning wood. Not having morning wood is a sign of some underlying health problem. Several health conditions affect the physiology of erection function and lead to erectile dysfunction.

Heart disease, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disorder, high blood pressure (Hypertension), diabetes, hormonal imbalances, etc. are the physiological factors that potentially cause erectile dysfunction. Besides, stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, etc. are the psychological contributors to psychogenic impotence.      

Because of these factors, males fail to get stronger erections. As they experience erection problems, they fail to get morning wood. It is quite apparent that a person having ED due to physiological health issues cannot have morning wood.    

Have ED but still getting morning wood?

If you have erectile dysfunction but continue to get morning wood frequently, then there might be some psychological reason involved. People with psychogenic erectile dysfunction, tend to experience morning wood regularly.

This is an indication that you have a healthy erection function. It is just that you might be facing issues in getting erections because of some mental reasons. In simple terms, this problem is not physical but it is linked with your mind.    

Usually, what happens, men with psychogenic ED tend to experience erection difficulties while having sex. This is a result of psychological factors like stress, anxiety, etc. These factors interfere with the arousal, which affects the sexual response.   

To conclude, ED, despite experiencing morning wood regularly, is not caused because of physical health problems. It is rather a psychological problem. This issue can be overcome by dealing with the psychological factors effectively.  

The person may face issues with their erection function, but they may still get morning erections. During the early morning, the levels of testosterone are generally high in males. It causes a surge of blood flow to the penile, thereby triggering stronger erections.       

How to treat psychogenic erectile dysfunction?

Psychological factors interfere with the arousal. Owing to this, the person faces difficulties in getting erections. This issue can be managed very well with the help of the following techniques:

  • Psychotherapy – Psychotherapy or counseling sessions can help cope with psychological problems. It involves cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) that addresses all the issues related to mental health.
  • Sex therapy – A sex therapist will help you resolve the issues of your relationship. Sometimes relationship problems can lead to sex aversion. Therapy sessions with sex experts will be beneficial.  
  • Connect with your partner – An honest communication with your partner will ease your insecurities. By discussing your ED problems with them, you will get their support. As a couple, you will be able to cope with the difficulties in an efficient manner. 
  • Stress management – Chronic stress can give rise to other mental health issues. It is important to manage it. To do so, you must learn some mind-calming techniques such as yoga, meditation, physical activity, etc.  
  • Medications – You can consult a healthcare professional. They will prescribe some medications to overcome psychogenic factors, which can provide relief from ED symptoms.

The lowdown

Morning wood is not the result of sexual stimulation. Instead, it occurs in the sleep state, specifically during the REM sleep cycle. These erections are induced because of sleep cycles, neurological mechanisms, and hormonal fluctuations. It is a sign of healthy functioning of the vascular and neurological systems that are involved in erection function.   

People with psychogenic erectile dysfunction continue to experience morning woods. The psychological factors affect arousal, and in turn, it impacts the sexual response. However, they still get morning woods despite ED because of the physiological and psychological processes.  

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