Healing Pharma

Healing Pharma, is one of the fast growing ‘WHO-GMP certified’ pharmaceutical manufacturing company in India. The manufacturing company has a strong presence in producing some of the best antibiotics, respiratory segments, pain management, cardiology, anti-diabetics segments, and even some nutritional supplements.

With some of the proactive services, safe and impeccable quality pharmaceutical products at very competitive prices and prompt delivery, it has also become as one of the most reputable names with the pharmaceuticals industry both in domestic and in also the global business.

The pharmaceutical manufacturer has set up a modern Research and Development infrastructure that helps in developing some of the novel products and update the existing technologies of manufacturing so as to get the premier quality medicines. Each and every developed technology, quality protocols and even the modified product are well verified and they are validated before transferring the same as the production. Department is completely-equipped with all sorts of required instruments and another infrastructural set-up that is well supported by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals in various disciplines. While, one shall continue to enhance momentum in some of the ethical marketing, emphasizing on some of the new supplements has all innovated for long-term value building and on some of the new drug delivery systems. We have a promising future along with some of the supplements at different stages of supplement discovery and developments.

The cornerstone of the Healing Pharma manufacturer is quality. Maintaining world-class quality standards is an obsession with top management and percolates that is followed by the company at every level, making the plant a landmark of quality. Designed for further approval by Drug Control Authority, the pharmacy has been accredited with WHO – GMP, built as per Schedule ‘M’ standards. There is an ongoing effort that shall integrate Information Technology with Total Quality Management. Workers in the factory are well encouraged for making use of their talent, initiative, and idea so as to improve work and workplace. Appreciation certificates are given for suggestions so as to improve productivity, safety, and quality. Latest Quality improvement projects are also in use for performing continuous improvement in some of the group’s activities.

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