How Can A Man Stay Hard After Orgasm

Orgasm is the peak of sexual pleasure, after which the penile returns to its normal size. Before orgasm, the penile remains harder but after ejaculating, the penile becomes feeble and men enter the refractory period, which is characterized by a sexually irresponsive phase.   

The refractory period can have an impact on physiology as well as psychology. During this, men do not feel inclined to have sex. As soon as they ejaculate or come, they slip into this state for some time. While being in that period, they avoid sexual activity.

But there are a few techniques that might help men stay hard even after having an orgasm. This can be achieved by avoiding ejaculation, which can be done by practicing semen retention techniques. We will explore these techniques in this blog.  

Effective techniques to stay erect after orgasm

Although these techniques can be very effective, they require intense practice. These are as follows:

Holding semen techniques

Kegel exercises are done to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and improve urinary control. These exercises might help with semen retention and enhance sexual health. Kegels do not directly help in holding semen, instead, these exercises enable you to have better control over your pelvic floor muscles.

When you have better control over your pelvic muscles, this can allow you to hold ejaculation, while continuing to achieve orgasms. With Kegels, you will be able to control your ejaculatory function, allowing semen retention.   

To perform these exercises, begin by controlling your flow of urine while passing it. Apply the start and stop method, and you will become more aware of the muscles that trigger ejaculation.

Having better control over these muscles will allow you to stop ejaculation even after having orgasms. You will experience “dry orgasms” while your penile continues to stay hard.      

Tantric sex techniques

An ancient practice like Tantric sex involves erotic activities that emphasize mindfulness, deep connection, and spiritual growth through sexual intimacy. These techniques do not directly aid semen retention, rather, some aspects of it may align to enhance sexual pleasure and improve ejaculatory control.    

The technique anchors your focus and attention in the present moment. It encourages mindfulness, allowing you to have better control over your sexual responsiveness and ejaculatory function.  

It involves deep breathing exercises that enhance complete relaxation, thereby facilitating heightened sexual pleasure. Through conscious breathwork, one will be able to control their ejaculation and retain semen. Tantric sex allows you to cultivate deep sensual experiences without the need to care about ejaculatory outcomes.

Edging techniques

Edging is a method by which couples can prolong their sexual activity by delaying orgasms. This technique involves sexual stimulation until just before orgasm. You must stop or slow down the stimulation right before the orgasm, which will delay the orgasm, such that ejaculation will not happen.    

This process can be done repetitive cycle until finally the partners allow themselves to reach orgasm. With edging, you will be able to prevent ejaculation, which will allow you to stay hard for a longer time. You may prolong your sex.

Note that, this technique requires practice. It has to be done several times to gain better control over reaching orgasm and expulsion of semen. You have to become highly aware of your body, that is a few seconds before you are about to ejaculate. In this way, you will know when to stop and slow down.

Physiological processes happening during sex

To prevent semen ejection, you must understand the stages of sexual activity. It all begins with sexual arousal first and culminates into orgasm and ejaculation. You can reach orgasm, without ejaculating or delaying the ejaculation. Let us understand the stages in detail:


Sexual arousal is the beginning stage of sexual activity. Sexual arousal triggers a sexual response that happens after stimulation. The central nervous system signals it to the nerves of the penile to dilate the penile blood vessels in response to sexual arousal. The reason for arousal can be through visual means, physical touch, etc.


Sexual stimulation causes the penile blood vessels to dilate. This increases the flow of blood inside them. The erectile tissues fill with blood, and as the blood gets trapped inside under high pressure, it makes the penile harder. In this way, the penile remains erect until the blood is held inside the penile.

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The final stage is orgasm and ejaculation. Both these processes happen together. After stimulation, the climax is reached, which culminates into an orgasm and ejaculation.

Once the semen is released, the penile returns to its usual state. The erection starts to fade, and the refractory period begins. The person avoids sexual activity during the refractory period.   

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