How Is Zinc Linked To Erectile Dysfunction


An essential mineral like Zinc has a crucial role to play in the body. It supports the production of various proteins and helps in DNA synthesis.  

Zinc is also needed for carrying out a range of different physiological processes including controlling metabolism, regulating immune system response, and testosterone synthesis.   

Low levels of zinc can affect the production of testosterone hormone, which can affect the sexual function and several processes in the body. Thus, this mineral must be present in the body at sufficient levels.    

Zinc deficiency can be compensated with zinc supplementation. The appropriate dose of such zinc supplements will be prescribed by your healthcare provider.

Indications of zinc deficiency

Individuals having zinc deficiency may exhibit symptoms such as abdominal discomfort and diarrhea, hair loss, irritability, lack of focus and alertness, loss of appetite, eye problems, erectile dysfunction or impotence issues, nausea, and illness.

Benefits of zinc in sexual function

Supports healthy erection function

Zinc deficiency can be a potential reason why men are experiencing erection difficulties. This mineral has a crucial role in testosterone production, which is the primary sex hormone in males that regulates sexual function.

A drop in testosterone levels can be a sign of zinc deficiency. This can affect the person’s sex drive. They may lack interest in sex and their libido becomes low. As a result, they may struggle to become aroused sexually, leading to erectile dysfunction.   

To instantly restore the erection function, one can make use of oral ED medicines such as Tazzle 20. These pills boost the blood flow to the penile and help attain and sustain harder erections. Note that, they work only in the presence of sexual arousal.

As sex drive and arousal are influenced by the level of zinc, having this mineral in adequate quantity will help eliminate erectile dysfunction. In this way, zinc supports the erection function.

Enhances testosterone production  

An average individual requires adequate levels of zinc in their body for the production and release of testosterone hormone. It is the primary sex hormone in males, which imparts male characteristics and manliness in them.  

Zinc deficiency will lead to a drop in testosterone levels, which can trigger various health issues.    

Boosts ejaculatory response

Premature ejaculation (PE) and delayed ejaculation are ejaculatory disorders that can happen due to zinc deficiency. Since zinc is needed in testosterone synthesis, the rise in testosterone levels will improve ejaculatory abilities.   

Zinc can improve sex drive and may also help in promoting a healthy ejaculation response.  

Promotes a healthy sex drive

Zinc has an essential role in testosterone production. The levels of testosterone hormone decide the sex drive. Low levels of zinc can lower the sex drive or libido.

When a person has sufficient levels of zinc in their body, their sex drive remains healthy. The testosterone hormone regulates the sex drive, therefore, having adequate zinc levels in the body will boost testosterone levels, which will ensure a healthy libido or sex drive.  

Thus, adequate levels of zinc will trigger an increase in your sex drive and improve your sexual function.

Reduces issues with fertility

Zinc has an essential role in sperm production. It also ensures sperm health. Those who have zinc deficiency in their bodies may experience a reduction in their sperm volume and sperm quality. In this way, zinc deficiency may give rise to fertility issues in men.   

The levels of zinc must be high in the case of males since most of it is utilized by the testes for the synthesis of sperm cells. Besides, this mineral is also present in seminal fluid.

Low levels of zinc lead to testosterone reduction, which can cause abnormalities in sperm quality and physiology. Therefore, It is necessary to have sufficient amounts of zinc in the body, which will ensure sperm health, sperm quality, and volume.      

The lowdown

Zinc has an important role in maintaining your overall health and well-being. Individuals who are experiencing difficulties with their sexual function may have a zinc deficiency.

To compensate for that, they can either consume a diet that is a rich source of this mineral or they can use zinc supplements.

To know the safer dose of zinc supplements, you must talk to your healthcare provider. They will analyze your condition and based on the test report for zinc deficiency, they will recommend an appropriate dose.  

Do not use supplements or consume too much of zinc-rich foods without discussing it with your doctor. A correct dose of it can help relieve your sexual difficulties and will not trigger serious side effects.

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