How To Be Better In Bed Know Your Attachment Style

A fulfilling sexual relationship requires deep intimacy. Intimacy depends on emotional closeness between you and your partner. It will flourish if you focus on building a deep emotional bond with your partner.

Being in a sexual relationship, the couple tends to get attached to each other. The attachment styles of both people in an intimate relationship may be different.

Attachment style is defined by the intensity of the emotional bond between the couple. Various factors influence attachment styles.

According to some researcher psychologists, there are primarily four types of attachment styles. This blog will make you aware of your own and your partner’s attachment style.

Types of attachment styles

According to some sources, different types of attachment styles in a sexual relationship are as follows:

Anxious-Preoccupied attachment  

  • People with this attachment style expect a high level of closeness and bonding from their partners.
  • They may constantly seek approval from their partner.
  • They may be fearful of rejection from their partner.
  • The possibility of abandonment from their partner may cause them to worry.
  • The person with this kind of attachment style may come off as needy and clingy.
  • They may also suffer from high levels of anxiety.

Secure attachment

  • Individuals with this kind of attachment style are generally very secure within themselves.
  • They feel comfortable sharing a deep emotional bond with their partner.
  • They do not hold back or shy away from communicating their needs to their partner.
  • They engage in effective communication with their partner.
  • They feel safe expressing their feelings to their partner without the fear of being judged.  

Dismissive-Avoidant attachment

  • Individuals with this attachment style tend to avoid emotional bond and closeness with their partner.
  • Such individuals have a hard time trusting their partners.
  • They tend to reject the idea of emotional intimacy and prefer their independence over intimate connection.
  • Such individuals tend to suppress their emotions.

Fearful-Avoidant (Disorganized) attachment

  • Individuals exhibiting this type of attachment style show disorganized behavior towards intimate relationships.
  • They may be fearful about being abandoned by their partners but at the same time, they may remain avoidant to intimacy.
  • Too much closeness may scare them, which makes them avoid intimacy.
  • They have a constant fear of being left by their partner.
  • This type of attachment style is a combination of both avoidant and anxious attachments. This is why it is known as the disorganized attachment style.

About the attachment styles 

A person may not exhibit the same kind of attachment styles for different relationships.

The attachment style of a person may vary depending on the kind of intimate bonding and sexual dynamics they share with their partner.

Their behavior and kind of attachment are majorly influenced by experiences in different relationships.

Their behavior may change according to the relationship that they are currently in.

How to foster healthy relationships?

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. You have to be willing to accept your partner’s shortcomings and imperfections. If you do so, your partner will reciprocate that quality.

Some effective ways in which you can nurture your relationship are given below:


Practice active listening - Pay attention to what the person is trying to say, rather than interrupting them. Forcing your opinion without considering their perspective might make them suppress their feelings.

They might think it is better to keep mum instead. So, let them talk and express themselves without any hesitance.

Express yourself openly – Honesty is the best policy. The more you remain transparent about your needs in your relationship, the better it will be for the health of your relationship. Active communication will ensure relationship longevity.

Build trust

Stay committed – Commitments are vital in relationships. You have to lay a strong foundation on the pillar commitments. It is based on two pillars, which are trust and mutual respect. Therefore, focusing on these pillars will strengthen trust.

Be transparent – Lack of transparency and truthfulness will weaken your bond. It is necessary to stay honest and sincere towards your partner.

Prioritize quality time

Teamwork – Successful relationships require equal contribution and dedication from both partners. Taking some time out for each other will communicate your efforts in fostering an emotional bond.

Share some activities - Doing something you both enjoy doing together will help create pleasant memories, which will increase relationship longevity.

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