How To Manage Erectile Dysfunction In A Relationship

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a male sexual disorder that is more so a couple’s problem than just a man's. It can happen because of some physiological or psychological problem. Several other reasons like injury, surgery, smoking, alcohol, and relationship issues can also lead to impotence.  

Men might even avoid being intimate because of impotence issues. This makes them grow distant from their partner. Most men might even feel embarrassed about their sexual difficulties and rather than telling their partner, they may prefer being avoidant. 

Ignoring this issue will only affect the connection, thus giving rise to relationship conflicts. There are effective ways to manage these difficulties, we shall learn about them in this blog.  

Impacts of erectile dysfunction on relationships

Men may initially feel hesitant to talk to their partners about their sexual difficulties. This happens as people in general view erectile dysfunction as a weakness. Because of this reason, men may feel ashamed about their problems and hide them from their partners.  

On the contrary, the partner may feel less attractive and both develop anger, resentment, and disconnection towards each other. The partner will also develop esteem issues consequently. This gives rise to relationship conflicts.

The misunderstanding can ruin the relationship dynamics. To prevent this, the male should overcome embarrassment and initiate the conversation. One can even seek professional support to navigate the relationship challenges because of a lack of intimate and erectile dysfunction.  

Strategies to manage erectile dysfunction in a relationship  

A long-term relationship is built by two individuals and it requires constant work. It necessitates the involvement of both. If one partner is not contributing to the relationship, then this may trigger conflicts.

Here are some effective ways to overcome relationship problems resulting from erectile dysfunction:

Honest communication

Men experiencing erection difficulties may avoid getting intimate with their partners altogether. Their partner may have a hint of this but still, if the male does not honestly communicate as to what exactly they are going through, their partner will not understand it fully.

The partner may think that the reason for avoiding sexual intimacy has to do with them seeming less attractive. They may presume that the male is not interested in them anymore and does not find them attractive enough. Many thoughts can pop up when there is a lack of communication.

This is why, it is necessary to have open communication with the partner. One must discuss their sexual difficulties by overcoming shame and embarrassment.

Professional assistance

You can approach a sex therapist or a urologist who can help in managing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. They will identify the underlying causes of erection difficulties and suggest some remedies that are suitable for you.

They might prescribe oral prescription or non-prescription medications or recommend some other treatment options like vacuum erection devices (penile pumps), constriction rings, penile implants, topical creams, etc.

Non-prescription ED medicines such as Penegra 25 can alleviate erection difficulties and restore erection function. These medicines are easily affordable for everyone. They boost the blood flow to the penile and promote stronger erections. They work only during arousal.    

Relationship counseling

If the sexual difficulties are affecting your relationship or vice versa, then a certified therapist or relationship counselor can help you. The therapy or counseling sessions will be focused on resolving the relationship conflicts.  

These sessions will involve open communication and addressing all the relationship concerns. For effective results and fruitful outcomes, both partners must show up for counseling sessions. The involvement of both is needed.   

Get diagnosed for health problem

An underlying health condition can contribute to the sexual disorders. Some chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure (hypertension), heart disease, high cholesterol, etc. might give indications through erection difficulties. One must get the diagnosis to identify the cause of ED problems.

Timely treatment will prevent the worsening of the chronic health condition and in turn, will alleviate erection difficulties.

Perform sensate focus exercises    

Both partners must engage in sensate focus exercises to enhance physical intimacy. The focus should be on the present moment. Both must feel the bodily sensations. It is a slow process, wherein the goal must not be to have sex. This exercise fosters deep intimacy and arousal.

Make necessary changes to the lifestyle

Modifying your lifestyle is essential for a healthy life and a fulfilling relationship. When you are ignorant about your health, it will reflect in your health. Your sexual health gets significantly impacted as a result.  

This is why, as a couple you need to incorporate healthy lifestyle choices like a healthy diet, regular exercising, getting enough sleep, managing stress, and avoiding substance abuse.   

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