If I Stop Drinking Alcohol Will My ED Go Away

Alcohol has psychoactive properties. When consumed in excessive amounts, various bodily functions are impacted. It interferes with the brain’s communication pathways and alters the functions of the brain. Your erection function also gets affected big time.    

Along with influencing the erection function, alcohol also impacts hormone levels, blood circulation, and nervous system function. Chronic drinkers are at a risk of developing sexual problems. Their erection function might get majorly hindered.     

It also injures the walls of the penile blood vessels. Due to this, the health of the blood vessels gets impacted. This is why, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of alcohol and drink it occasionally. It is even better if you give up alcohol completely. Doing so will reduce the possibilities of developing permanent erectile dysfunction.         

Effects of alcohol on sexual function  

Since alcohol is a psychoactive substance, it has mind-altering properties. It is categorized under the class of depressants. It influences the central nervous system. It slows down the functioning of the brain. Alcohol contributes to the impairment of the cognitive function as well.  

Sexual arousal and behaviour are regulated by several parts of the brain. When the brain function gets hindered, the sexual function also gets affected. Alcohol interferes with the messengers of the brain. It prevents the transmission of signals to the sexual organs. 

Weak signal affects the blood circulation to the penile. Lack of blood flow in the penile arteries leads to sexual difficulties. The person will not be able to attain and sustain stronger erections. Besides, it can also contribute to vascular damage in the penile.  

How alcohol cause erectile dysfunction

The effects of alcohol might cause temporary changes in the body. It can impact the hormone levels, nerve signals, blood vessels, and brain function. Along with physiological changes, it also impacts the psychological function. Alcohol abuse can lead to sexual dysfunction.   

Its consumption can cause temporary changes with the sexual response and behaviour. However, long-term drinking can damage the health of blood vessels and nerves. It can contribute to the build-up of plaque in the blood vessels. The plaque formation blocks the blood vessels and hinders the blood supply.  

The passages of the penile arteries get clogged because of plaque. It clogs them and stops the supply of blood through them. The penile does not receive adequate supply of blood to achieve stronger and firmer erections.

Inadequate blood supply to the penile blood vessels is the cause of erection difficulties. There are several factors that can contribute to this difficulty. A combination of other factors along with alcohol can potentiate the development of impotence issues.  

Alcohol quitting plan  

Adopting a quit drinking plan will be helpful in preventing the ill effects of alcohol on your health. You can create a successful plan by implementing the following steps:

Have clear intentions

  • Once you have decided to quit drinking, you must stick to your decision.
  • Constantly remind yourself of the benefits of quitting it.

Set clear goals

  • Be clear as to why you want to quit.
  • Do not set unrealistic goals. Start by reducing the amount and gradually continue reducing it.  

Get educated

  • Educate yourself and become aware of the health damaging effects of alcohol.

Reduce consumption

  • Do not stop drinking it altogether. This would give rise to withdrawal symptoms.
  • Start by reducing its consumption and keep decreasing its amount.  

Tell your friends and family

  • By informing them you will get the much needed support.

Strengthen your coping mechanism

  • Learn some techniques to divert your mind.
  • Practice mindfulness, meditative exercises, and other techniques.

Celebrate achievements

  • Keep a tab on your progress and appreciate yourself for how far you have come.

Seek professional help

  • If you are struggling to stick to a plan or create one, you can consult your healthcare provider.
  • They might also prescribe you certain medications to control our urges.

The lowdown  

Erectile dysfunction induced by alcohol might be reversed in some cases. Quitting alcohol may only help if there is minimal damage. In case if the vascular damage is severe, then there is little to no chance at all.       

Long-term consumption of alcohol can contribute to the plaque build-up in the penile arteries. This injures the walls and leads to vascular damage. As a result, the arteries become narrow and blood supply to the penile reduces.   

In addition to the quitting plan, you must also implement healthy lifestyle habits. It is necessary to eat clean, exercise daily, get your health issues treated on time by seeking medical attention.   

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