Macleods Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Macleods Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company to provide healthcare to humanity with a special focus on needed and difficult medications. This company was incorporated in the 1986 year. The pharmaceutical company has enjoyed rapid growth in the recent years, which is growing at an average growth rate of over 22% for approx. past 5 years.

The company, along with its experience spanning more than two decades has emerged as a force to reckon with the global market. The company holds asset of more than 10,000 professionally qualified employees across the globe.

Company Macleods Pharmaceuticals holds an expertise in a range of formulations that range from medicines to sterile dosage form. This includes right from inhalation to novel drug delivery system, this medicine currently ranked 10th (on mat basis source IMS). Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is recognized as one of the quickest growing pharmaceutical company in India. The growing pioneering efforts of this pharmaceutical company provide medications for both chronic and acute therapy. It does so with world-class state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that are lately approved by various regulatory authorities. Numerous countries and well-equipped research and development, analytical and bioequivalence center are seen audited by various regulatory authorities that makes Macleods Pharmaceuticals Company truly a global medicine provider.

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