Musli Power Xtra

Musli Power Xtra
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Kunnath Pharmaceuticals
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    Kunnath Pharmaceuticals composed the safe and effective Musli Xtra Power solution that helps to overcome impotence in men. This capsule is 100% natural sex enhancer one of a kind in its extraordinary effective outcomes. Capsules are a powerful solution and they shall help in enhancing one's libido (sexual desire) and to work as a powerful stimulant for both sexes to have sex without any penile failure. The medicine is available as 30 capsules per pack. Herbal medicine is safe for long term effectiveness.

    The super-effective and safe ingredients in this capsule composed of Musli, Kapikachu, Ashwagandha, Muringa, Dhatri, Tribulus, Shilajeet, and jathi pathri. The herbal capsules are known to be super helpful for boosting up the strength and stamina, enhancing general wellbeing and vitality, protecting cardiovascular health, lowering boosting up stimulants and energy. It shall also help in excluding old age fatigue for performing the best lovemaking session. The capsules are known for boosting up the sexual senses.

    The recommended dosage of this capsule Musli Xtra Power is to consume approx. 2 capsules per day. The capsules are safe for consumption post consuming food with warm milk or water. Consume the capsule for any length of time after the initial course of approx. 45 days and further as needed.

    The effectiveness of consuming the capsule is noticed within a week’s time once the course from the date it is started. For gaining maximum and safe effective outcomes consume the medicine as it is prescribed by the doctor.

    Herbal Musli Xtra Power medicine does not lead to any known side effects or adverse reactions. However, adverse effects of the medicine when consumed inappropriately shall occur in rare and extreme cases of overdose or in case the patient is allergic to the ingredients in the capsule. Such severe or allergic reactions to the consumption of medicine might need medical assistance as soon as possible.


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