Orgasmic Meditation For ED

Meditation is a powerful tool that can help you anchor your awareness into the present moment. It connects you to your inner self. You can benefit a lot from it on an individual level.

But have ever heard about orgasmic meditation? It is a unique practice that encompasses mindfulness and sexual pleasure. It has to be performed with your partner. It is a kind of couple's practice. Continue reading to know more!

What is orgasmic meditation?

Orgasmic meditation is a practice that enables both partners to heighten their sexual intimacy and closeness. This practice is not tied to any outcome such as orgasm. It was developed by an organization that prioritizes a connection between sexuality and consciousness.

It does not emphasize sex and orgasm, instead, it is more so a delightful experience that is felt intensely on individual levels while being together. It involves a lot of mindful touch and sensations.

There is no cookie-cutter method to perform this meditation. As a couple, both of you should go with the flow and let it happen. You should focus on being in the present moment and in tune with each other's energy.

This practice liberates you both from day-to-day challenges and stress. It is a soulful experience since it involves a combination of physical and spiritual union. It is particularly designed to deepen the connection and intimate bond between partners.

How does orgasmic meditation work?

There is no hard and fast rule that you need to follow. But here are some steps that can give you the idea. After getting the picture and practicing it together a few times, you can create your own way. The way that works for you both. 

Create a comfortable environment: Begin by creating a cozy environment. Light some candles, put on sensual perfume, and play some soft music if you like. You can customize the setting according to your mood and requirements.

If you prefer to do it on the bed, then make sure the blankets and pillows are soft and comfy. Those wanting to perform this practice on the floor can use yoga mats. Make the environment comfortable and relaxing.

Prepare yourself: Both of you should prepare yourself for the session. Take a moment to look into your partner’s eyes and feel their presence. This will eliminate nervousness and awkwardness between you two.

You should prepare your partner for the session. Instead of jumping directly to the main part, start by stroking and exploring the other pleasure points and erotic zones of the body. You can stretch this act for up to 15 minutes.

Get into position: The partner who is “strokee” should take their clothes off and lie down and allow the “stroker” to easily access their intimate area. The stroker should gently stimulate the genitals and pleasure points of strokee for several minutes.  

The stroker should not do it fast. The stroking should be done slowly and gently. Remember, the goal is not to have sex or an orgasm. Allow the strokee to feel the sensations.

Start stroking: The intimate area has a network of thousands of nerve endings. Gently stroking and stimulating the area can increase the flow of blood in the blood vessels. As a result, the genitals swell up due to an increased blood flow inside.

Stroking makes the genitals highly sensitive to the sensation of touch. The stroker should not be in a hurry, as orgasm is not the goal here. You can speed up or slow down.

Return to normal: The genitals of the strokee must have become highly sensitive to the point where it can lead to an orgasm. The stroker must stop there when the strokee is about to experience the peak pleasure and press their genitals with their hand. 

It is time to wrap up. The stroker can use towels to wipe their hands and genitals of the strokee off of body fluids and in case lube is used.

End the session and feel free to share your experience with your partner and let them do the same. Discuss with them about your favorite part of meditation.

Benefits of orgasmic meditation

Fosters deep connection: A deep intimate connection gets established after the meditation session. Your bond will become deeper and deeper with time as you continue doing this practice frequently.

Improves communication: Discussing intimate moments will foster better communication. Both of you will be able to openly communicate about your likes and dislikes or boundaries. This will keep up healthy communication between you two.

Boost your sex life: This meditation will enhance your intimacy. It will elevate your sex life to the next level.

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