Over Masturbation Side Effect Recovery Time


Masturbation is a natural act, which involves stimulating the genitals or other erogenous areas of the body for sexual pleasure. It is common among men of all ages. It is done to achieve the peak of sexual excitement.

There is no specific set frequency of masturbation. Some may do it regularly, while others do it a few times a month. Excessive masturbation can contribute to several side effects.  

To recover from such side effects, the person needs to avoid masturbating for some time and let the body heal. By abstaining from it for a few days, the person will be able to recover from the adverse effects of excessive masturbation.  

What is over-masturbation recovery time?

The time taken to recover from over-masturbation side effects can vary widely among individuals. The time depends on various factors such as the frequency and intensity of masturbation, overall health, lifestyle habits, and any underlying physiological or psychological issues.

Ways to speed up over-masturbation recovery time

The recovery time differs from one individual to another. One can overcome the habit by reducing the frequency or intensity of masturbation and including some lifestyle changes. 

It may not happen quickly. To see the noticeable changes, one needs to be patient while continuing to follow healthy habits and get expert guidance if needed.

Side effects of excessive masturbation

Masturbation itself is a normal and healthy behavior that brings a peak of sexual pleasure. A person who identifies as a male stimulates their penile organ for pleasure.

It is safe when done in moderation. Doing it excessively can lead to adverse effects on health. Here are some side effects that may get triggered after over-masturbation:

Fatigue and weakness

Masturbation itself is not directly linked to fatigue. For many individuals, masturbation is a way to relieve their stress and anxiety. It is a normal and healthy part of sexual expression.

It does offer temporary benefits such as relaxation, stress relief, enhanced sex life, improved mood, and better sleep.

But if you do it excessively, by ignoring your sleep, and day-to-day activities, it can potentially trigger feelings of fatigue or physical tiredness.  

Genital discomfort

The skin around the genital organs is highly sensitive. If you perform overstimulation on this area during masturbation, you may develop symptoms like irritation, discomfort, and soreness in your genitals.

Erectile dysfunction (ED)

Masturbation typically does not lead to erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence issues in males. It is done to attain the peak of sexual excitement, which can help alleviate stress and improve sexual response.

Over-masturbation indicates compulsive sexual behavior, which may contribute to or worsen already existing difficulties with erectile function in some individuals.

The chances of experiencing erection difficulties are more when the engages in overstimulation of the penile. The skin around the Peniel is very sensitive. Repeated stimulation can lead to desensitization of the penile over time.

It also depends on how frequently the person does masturbation and intensity. Besides, the context of masturbation can also play a part in determining its impact on erection function.

Men with ED can manage their symptoms with ED medicine like Filagra 100.    

Premature ejaculation (PE)

Overstimulation of the penile may increase the chances of ejaculatory disorders. A person who masturbates excessively has a chance of developing ejaculatory disorders such as premature ejaculation and delayed ejaculation.

They may fail to ejaculate in time. This can cause sexual distress, as the difficulty not only affect the individual but also their partner.

Decreased sex drive

It is necessary to masturbate in moderation. Overdoing it can kill the sexual arousal. The person will notice a decrease in their sex drive or libido.

They may fail to get sexually aroused because of frequent stimulation. This is why, it is necessary to have some control over this habit.


Because of frequent masturbation, the genital area can become numb or insensitive to stimulation. The person may not get sexually aroused even after adequate stimulation.

Impacts of Over-masturbation on psychological health

Here are several psychological side effects of excessive masturbation:

Guilt and shame

Excessive masturbation can trigger feelings of guilt and shame in some individuals. They may feel embarrassed after doing it. This can have an impact on their day-to-day responsibilities as it may result in distress.

Anxiety and depression

Masturbating frequently can be overcome through mind diversion. However, if the person becomes addicted to it and cannot function properly without masturbating, then this must be an indication of compulsive or addictive behavior.

As a result, such behaviors may give rise to feelings of anxiety, depression, or emotional distress.

Social isolation

Those who masturbate excessively may feel like isolating themselves, which can lead to social withdrawal. They may avoid social interactions because of their addiction to it.

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