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Salbetol 2mg
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Salbetol 2mg is a widely prescribed medicine for treating and preventing bronchial asthma. It is also useful in people with exercise-induced bronchospasm, emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Salbutamol, a popular asthma drug, is the active component of Salbetol 2mg. It alleviates the asthma symptoms such as cough, breathlessness, wheezing and chest congestion or tightness.

It provides relief from asthma by dilating the airways or bronchioles present in the lungs. It successfully manages bronchial asthma and other pulmonary issues associated with asthma such as chest tightness, wheezing, coughing and difficulty in breathing. It is quite effective in people who suffer from an asthma attack caused by physical activities or due to exposure to allergens such as dust, pollen and pollutants.

Salbetol 2mg should be taken orally; it will not work immediately taking the pill. Remember, it is not prescribed to alleviate an unexpected asthma attack. For that, your medical advisor may advise you an asthma inhaler in while you are undergoing the course of therapy with Salbetol 2mg.

For appropriate usage, you need to strictly follow all directions before and while using Salbetol 2mg pills. Take an advised pill by mouth three or four times, or as suggested by your doctor. Usually, your doctor will prescribe the dose after considering the severity of the disease and your response to the drug. In case if you miss or skip the dose, take it immediately when you recollect, but avoid it if the next dose scheduled.

Salbutamol is also called Albuterolm, which is the chief component of Salbetol 2mg. This asthma medicine relaxes the smooth muscles of the bronchioles and dilates the constricted airways for comfortable breathing. This kind of bronchodilation effect of Salbetol 2mg helps an asthmatic patient to breathe effortlessly.

Before using Salbetol 2mg, inform your physician if you are oversensitive to any medications. In addition, inform about the therapy you are receiving with over-the-counter or prescription drugs. Ask your medical prescribed whether the medicine is safe if you have any medical issues related to heart, brain, liver or kidney. More importantly, check with a medical specialist about using Salbetol 2mg pills during pregnancy or breast-feeding. You may feel a bit giddy after taking the dose, so stay away from outdoors activities while using Salbetol 2mg medicine.

Tremor, headache, nervousness, drowsiness and confusion are common and subside eventually. If they fail to subside, immediately see your doctor. According to clinical studies, people using Salbetol 2mg do not experience serious side effects. However, visit your doctor if you experience any unwanted side effects.

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