Himalaya Tentex Forte

Himalaya Tentex Forte
Himalaya Herbal Healthcare
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The Himalaya Herbal medicine Tentex Forte is an aphrodisiac supplement. The solution by Himalaya helps in enhancing stamina and performance. The impotence treating solution consists of natural herbs and ayurvedic minerals (Bhasma) that are highly responsible for its aphrodisiac properties. The medicine is known for working as a libido stimulant in men for enhancing the overall performance in men.


The emotional stress is known to be a key reason for the disruption of hypothalamic-pituitary hormones. This action can lead to the performance anxiety. Tentex Forte medication can help in preventing such emotional stress and also aids in managing in such a way that it enhances the libido and performance. The ED treating solution has a unique property that might also give strength to perform better at the time of some physical contact.


How Tentex Forte Work

The medicine Tentex Forte helps in improving the testosterone levels. The medication acts on higher centers including the hypothalamus and limbic systems that help in improving libido. The medication is also known for working as a booster for enhancing the libido with its powerful herbal solution. The impotence treating solution addresses the issue of repeated penile failure condition by relaxing penile arteries and helps in surrounding muscles of erectile tissue, which helps in sustaining a stiffer penile erection.


Consumption & Dosage

Treatment with Tentex Forte course is to be consumed as the dosage of daily two tablets (one tablet in the evening and one during the bedtime) for about 30 to 45 days. Post this dosage consume reduced maintenance dose of about 1 tablet twice a day. Repeat course of medicine consumption every 6 months, if it is needed.


The elderly age group might need a higher dosage and longer treatment solution with this herbal solution.


Important Information on Tentex Forte

  • Tentex forte medicine consists of some unique properties that are known for helping to regulate libido
  • The solution helps in enhancing confidence and lowering emotional stress with an enhanced desire to make love
  • Ingredients in this impotence treating solution enhance the strength and performance stamina
  • The solution also helps in preventing the erectile dysfunction condition and enhances the penile erection in men


Side Effects

There are no acute side effects that are observed with Tentex Forte, but this herbal medication is known or containing Trivang Bhasma, which are the metallic solution of Lead, Tin & Zinc and Makardhwaj that is mercury compound. These particular compounds might have some sort of chronic toxicity if they are 0used for a longer time.

In most of the cases, mercury compounds are sulfides of Mercury that are likely inert and 1000 times that are safer than methylmercury, as per the research study. However, the safety of such compounds is not known for being well established, hence one should take the solution with complete caution and strictly under the supervision of some medical professionals.

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