What Age Does A Man Stop Getting A Hard On?

In general, erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence can occur any time after the age of 40. This happens as the levels of testosterone start to decline with age. Testosterone is the primary hormone that regulates the sexual function. Reduction in the levels of this hormone contributes to sexual disorders.    

There is no specific age at which an individual experiences this difficulty. It may occur at any age. Some may develop erection problems because of some injury. Others might have an underlying health condition that is impacting their erection function. Thus, the factors that contribute to erectile dysfunction can be different from individual to individual.                  

Erectile dysfunction in older males      

Erectile dysfunction is very common among older individuals. The reason is that, with old age, health starts declining. Older individuals tend to develop chronic health conditions. They may not even be aware of the underlying health conditions, the symptoms of erectile dysfunction can sometimes hint at it.    

  • Health conditions - The most common health conditions are high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, obesity, etc. Such chronic health conditions impact sexual function. They affect it physiologically as well as psychologically.  
  • Hormonal changes – With increasing age, the levels of sex hormones, decrease in the body. Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in males. It controls sexual function. Its reduction in the body gives rise to sexual disorders like low sex drive or low libido and erectile dysfunction.
  • Neurological changes – The impairment of neurological function can affect erections. Several factors can contribute to nerve damage, which can prevent the flow of blood to the penile. Thereby causing erection problems.    
  • Medications – Some medications can lead to sexual side effects. Several medications such as antidepressants, antihypertensive, hormonal medications, antihistamines, chemotherapy drugs, and many others can lead to erectile dysfunction.   

Ways to prevent erectile dysfunction in older males   

Even if it is common during the later years, doesn’t mean that all men have it. Some men may continue having a fulfilling sex life irrespective of age. This is possible when they take utter care of their health by following healthy lifestyle habits.      

Men can reduce the possibilities of erectile dysfunction in different. Which include a clean and healthy diet, doing regular physical activity, and giving up smoking and drinking habits. Besides, it is necessary to get a health check-up after some illness. Getting a health problem diagnosed in and timely treated will prevent its progression to a severe stage.        

For those, experiencing sexual dysfunction because of medications, reviewing the medications and talking to your healthcare provider can be helpful. They can either change your medication, dosage or the course of it.   

To manage the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in an effective manner, you can consult a healthcare professional. They will perform diagnostic evaluation tests to identify the cause of impotence. Once the real reason for impotence is known, they will prescribe some remedy.    

Erectile dysfunction in younger males

In younger males, mostly the reason can be psychological factors. The factors such as stress, anxiety disorder, depression, and trauma can lead to impotence. Besides, impotence issues can also be attributed to injuries, surgeries, and, lifestyle factors.

In case of psychological factors, one can learn the coping mechanism. Activities like meditation, exercise, yoga, dance, leisure activities, journaling, etc. can help manage such factors.   

Few techniques to improve erection function   

Oral medications

Medications categorized under PDE5 inhibitors can help restore the erection function temporarily. Sildenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis), Vardenafil (Levitra), and Avanafil (Stendra) are prescribed for impotence issues. These medications work by increasing blood flow to the penile. Thus, they help trigger stronger erections.  

Vacuum Erection Devices (VED)

This is a cylindrical device that helps the penile to draw blood in. It does so by creating a vacuum around the penile. A constriction band is then placed at the base of the penile to sustain the erection.

Hormone therapy  

If the testosterone levels falls, you can go for a hormone transplant therapy. You must talk to your healthcare provider and get to know about its effectiveness and side effects.     

The lowdown

Erectile dysfunction is not uncommon among older individuals. A condition like this can occur at any age. Still, its prevalence among older men is quite high. Most probably, men above 40 are more likely to experience it.   

This can be attributed to factors like decline in testosterone, underlying health conditions, vascular changes, neurological and psychological changes, etc. To reduce the chances of erectile dysfunction, it is essential to get physiological and psychological conditions treated. 

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