What Is Micro Penile Syndrome Or Small Penis Problem


Micro penile syndrome (MPS), also known as small penis problem, is a rare congenital condition in males. An abnormally small penis characterizes it compared to the average-sized penile.    

Individuals with this syndrome have significantly smaller penile than the average penile size, considering the individual's age and stage of development.  

Generally, when the length of the erect penile is less than 2.5 standard deviations or the flaccid or erect penile length is below 7 centimeters, then such individuals may have micro penis syndrome.  

How does Micro penile syndrome happen?

Micro penile syndrome occurs during the stage of fetal development. The penile remains underdeveloped and its stunted growth contributes to problems.

The exact cause of it is not fully known yet, but during prenatal development, several factors such as genetic disorders, hormonal imbalances, structural abnormalities, etc. can influence genital growth.  

Factors causing Micro penile syndrome

Here are several potential factors that may contribute to the underdevelopment of penile:    

Genetic factors

Genetic anomalies or mutations may enhance the possibility of micro penile syndrome. The DNA mutations and variations may happen in the prenatal stage, which can affect the development of sex hormones.

Such genetic changes during the early stages of fetal development can influence genes involved in sexual differentiation and genital development. This can lead to a small penis or micro penile syndrome.

Hormonal abnormalities

During the fetal development stage, the role of hormones is essential, as they support the growth of reproductive organs and various functions that lead to penile development.  

Imbalances in the hormone levels or anomalies in hormone signaling pathways can disrupt the normal growth and development of the penile, contributing to micro penile syndrome.   

In males, testosterone is the primary hormone that is needed for the development of the penile organ. In addition, several other androgens are also required to support the penile growth.

When the levels of such hormones are not adequate, this may contribute to the impairment of penile growth. As a result, the child will be born with an abnormal penile size and shape.

Maternal factors

Several maternal factors during pregnancy may impact fetal development and lead to the micro penile syndrome. Possible factors such as maternal exposure to certain toxic substances of the environment and medications, can affect the fetus.

Such factors can potentially hinder fetal growth and development. The development of the genitalia may get disrupted as a result.    

Structural Anomalies

In the fetal stage of development, some structural anomalies occurring in the genitalia or the surrounding tissues can hinder normal penile development. The penile growth gets hindered, leading to micro penile syndrome.   

The interference of abnormalities in the formation of the urethra or the fusion of genital folds during fetal development can impact the size and structure of the penile.  

Challenges faced due to Micro penile syndrome  

Men with micro penile syndrome may suffer from psychological issues. They may also experience social challenges associated with their body image and sexual function.

They may have insecurities around their size and a fear of not being able to satisfy their partner sexually. They may worry about their performance.

Moreover, the root cause of a complex condition like micro penile syndrome may vary from one individual to another. Mostly, the condition may occur sporadically without an apparent underlying cause.

Note that, not all individuals with a small penile have micro penile syndrome since the size of the penile may vary and there is no specific standard size that exists.    

Can men with Micro penile syndrome have sex?  

It is necessary that men with small penile cannot have a fulfilling sex. They may continue to live a satisfactory sex life and their sexual function can be healthy as well.

The size of the penile may not be an issue in such men. Some men with micro penile syndrome may not even need medical intervention. They can still have a great sex life.

Diagnosis and treatment  

Healthcare providers conduct a physical examination of the genitals first. For thorough medical evaluation, they may take measurements of the length and girth of the penile and recommend several tests to assess hormonal levels and genetic factors if required.   

Based on the evaluation, they will choose an appropriate personalized treatment plan. The treatment may include hormonal therapy, and surgical procedures to enhance the length of the penile.  

Besides, they may also suggest psychological counseling, depending on the individual's specific needs and circumstances. For men experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED), ED medicines are the best remedy. Medicines like Malegra 50 can overcome erection problems.   

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