What You Should Know About Splitting ED Meds

Higher doses of ED meds can be split into halves and consumed on two occasions. This can be done to save money. As ED medications are generally very pricey.

Medications like Viagra are very popular ED medicines that are usually split to be used for two occasions. This is done in case of a high dose. The pill is broken into two and taken on separate occasions.

Purpose of ED meds

ED medications stimulate the release of nitric oxide (NO) in the walls of the penile arteries. They cause vasodilation and increase the flow of blood to the penile. An increase in the blood supply helps get stronger erections. In this way, ED medications work.

These medications come in different doses, from low to high doses. Low dose treats mild forms of impotence issues. Higher doses help relieve severe forms of erection problems.

Why people split ED pills?

Many people use ED pills by splitting them into two doses. They do so to save some money. ED medications are generally very expensive and are not affordable to all. All doses of ED pills are priced at equal cost, irrespective of low dose and high dose.     

This is why men prefer to buy higher doses of ED medications so that they can use them by splitting. By splitting a high-dose pill into two low-dose, they can use it on two different occasions, which will save them money.  

Splitting ED meds

It is a good idea to split ED pills. This can be an effective way of cutting down some expenses on ED medicines. Besides, the expenses incurred in buying most ED medicines are not covered by insurance companies. This is why, men think it is better to split them.

Things to remember while splitting ED meds  

Inform your doctor: Branded ED meds like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc., are available only on prescription. The healthcare provider prescribes an appropriate dose as per the severity of erectile dysfunction symptoms.

If they have recommended you a low dose, you might think about buying high-dose medicines. The pill can be divided into halves, to be used on two separate instances.

But it is necessary to inform your doctor before you use it like this. Discuss with them whether it is appropriate in case of your dose.  

Do not split all the ED meds at once: If your doctor approves, you can proceed with splitting the pill. But you should not split all the pills at once. Doing so will reduce their efficacy and you might not get the required benefits of it.

If you planning to split the pill, only do it on one pill. Keeping the other part of the split pill for too long will affect its effectiveness. This will also decline their potency.

Make use of a pill-splitter: While cutting the pill, it is necessary to make sure that the pill gets split into two halves. A pill splitter can be of great use here. It will perfectly split the pill, in that way, its effectiveness and performance will not get affected.

Do not split the pill into more than two pieces: The pill should be divided into two pieces. Splitting it into more than two will reduce its effectiveness and it will be of no use. The money will be totally wasted too.

Therefore, split the pill into not more than two pieces. And use the other half soon, that is, in a few days. Keeping it as it can deteriorate the effects of the pill.

Affordable ED pills

People split the pills because they are not affordable. All doses of ed medicines are available at the same prices. But there is no guarantee whether these split pills will deliver their utmost effectiveness. They might not obtain the required benefits.


In this case, one can switch to an easily affordable option for ED treatment. Viagra alternatives such as Malegra can help improve erection problems. These are as effective as Viagra medicines. This is because both these contain the same active ingredient.

How does an ED pill work?   

ED pills are a vasodilator drug, that targets the constrictions in the blood vessels of the penile. Constrictions in the blood vessels prevent blood circulation through the penile and affect the erection function.         

The active component of the ed pills is classified under phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor drugs. It conducts vasodilation in the penile and boosts blood flow, thereby restoring a healthy erection response.     

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