Does Lisinopril Cause Erectile Dysfunction

High blood pressure or hypertension is a chronic health condition that contributes to vascular health damage. A persistently high blood pressure can potentiate your risk of heart attack or stroke. It deteriorates the functioning of the arteries and affects the heart's health.

To avoid complications, it is necessary to maintain the blood pressure in the safe range. Lisinopril is a medication that can help manage blood pressure fluctuations. It brings blood pressure within the normal range.   

About Lisinopril

Lisinopril medicines are pharmacologically categorized under Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor medicines. Healthcare professionals prescribe these medicines for treating high blood pressure. Besides, these are also prescribed in the case of individuals who have recently had a heart attack. Lisinopril improves post-heart attack survival in patients.

Lisinopril medicines come in the form of oral pills. The pill must be taken as per the doctor’s instructions. The dose will be prescribed based on the need and severity. It is necessary to carefully follow all the directions listed on the prescription label.

The pill can be consumed with or without food. It must be swallowed with some water. The dose and consumption patterns differ in the case of every person. The dose will be prescribed based on various factors like age, gender, severity, health conditions, etc.      

How does lisinopril work?

The medicine starts its action within an hour of intake. It conducts vasodilation and increases the relaxation of the blood vessels, which lowers blood pressure. Vasodilation provides more space for the blood to flow with ease, that is how the blood pressure decreases. 

This relaxation allows a smooth flow of blood to happen through the vascular system. By reducing blood pressure, the medicine lowers the risk of damage to the heart and vascular system.   

About erectile dysfunction   

Men with Erectile dysfunction (ED) struggle to get and sustain erections during sexual arousal. This difficulty arises because of the lack of adequate blood flow through the penile arteries. This happens after the narrowing of the penile arteries.

The impairment of penile arteries can be attributed to physiological health conditions like high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc. Those who smoke, drink excessive alcohol, abuse drugs, and have injuries or surgeries may also develop ED. Apart from that, some psychological factors like stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, and low self-esteem, can contribute to psychogenic impotence. 

Does lisinopril cause erectile dysfunction?

According to some studies, some high blood pressure medicines can contribute to erectile dysfunction. This can be a side effect of such medicines that help regulate blood pressure. However, Lisinopril is not one of them. It may not lead to erectile dysfunction.  

Some studies have found that Lisinopril medicine might help improve the erection function. This medicine can cause vasodilation in the penile and relieve muscle tension. It expands the penile blood vessels are eases the blood flow inside.  

When the blood flow to the penile increases, the penile tissues receive adequate blood, which restores erectile and vascular health. Hence, lisinopril might revive the erection function.    

Solution for ED

ED can be managed with lifestyle changes. Adopting a healthy lifestyle such as healthy eating, exercising, sleeping well, quitting smoking and alcohol, seeking treatments for health conditions, etc., might improve the erection function.

Moreover, you can also consider treatments for ED. Such treatments include ED medicines, penile pumps (vacuum devices), constriction rings, creams, penile implants, and others.

Among all these, ED medicines are considered the safest option. Medicines like Zhewitra Soft 20 can help restore the erection function within an hour of intake. The pill causes vasodilation in the penile and boosts the blood supply to the penile.

An increased blood flow to the penile helps attains firmer erections. The pill starts working in the presence of sexual arousal.

Interaction of Lisinopril and ED medicines  

Both lisinopril and ED medicine are vasodilators. They allow the blood to move easily through the penile blood vessels. Although the purpose of both these medicines is different – lisinopril treats high blood pressure while ED medications improve erectile function, their way of operation is somewhat similar.    

Using both these medicines in combination might not be safe for some men. Since both these medicines are vasodilators, their interaction might lead to a significant drop in blood pressure, which can be dangerous.

So, before you consider using them together, do check it with your healthcare provider. It is safe to ask for guidance. Using such medicines without informing them first will only potentiate your health risk, so, better be safe than sorry.

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