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In Generic Men’s category, you will two well-established medicines viz. Kwiknic and Proscalpin. Kwiknic is a generic medicine that is used for quitting smoking, while Proscalpin is one of the best hair fall medicines. These generic medicines are as effective as their branded counterparts, as they are actively loaded with the drugs that are approved by the Food and drug Administration. You can completely rely on generic medicines to overcome your health issues, as they, too, are superior in quality and extremely cheap.

Kwiknic is a generic medicine that is usually used as a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). It is quite safe and effective for people who are willing to cease smoking habit. NRT is found to have successfully results in smoking cessation. Although it is available easily online, it is important that you check with your doctor before using Kwiknic. It is an ITC Ltd. manufacturing product.  

Proscalpin is one of the most effective and safe generic medicines for hair fall in men, also called male pattern baldness. Fortune Healthcare manufactures this generic medicine by using Finasteride as an active ingredient. Finasteride, in lower potencies, is found to be extremely effective against male pattern baldness. It not only prevents hair fall, but also promotes hair growth in terms of both thickness and density.

The results with these generic medicines are safe, satisfying and guaranteed. You can buy Kwiknic and Proscalpin online through this web pharmacy at relatively cheaper price. Remember; use these generic medications after consulting your medical professional. This will help you use the medicine without any complexities. Never self-medicate or overuse any generic medicine; otherwise, you may experience unpleasant side effects.

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