Kwiknic 2mg

Kwiknic 2mg
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Kwiknic 2mg

Kwiknic 2 mg chewable gums are a productive solution suitable for use by both males and females. The chewable gums are known for relieving habit of smoking. These medicated chews are formed in most refreshing mint-flavor. Chewing gums fall under the category as Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). They help to curbs down the urge to smoke or chew tobacco. These chewable gums are simply amazing and innovative. The treatment is suggested for restricting dangerous habit of smoking or chewing tobacco. The medicated chewing gums are manufactured by ITC Ltd. and are available in a blister pack of 10 chews.

Consumption of one chewing gum shall make it easy for person to give up smoking habits without falling prey to any kind of irritation, anger or frustration for the particular moment you wish to restrict those restricted goods. The active component in the chewable tablets shall help in fulfilling the urge of a person to smoke or chew tobacco.

Many people are caught up taking this chewing gum on regular basis and are positively experiencing outcomes along with gradual pace. This chewable Kwiknic 2 mg can be consumed as one might feel the urge to smoke. Easily pop a chewing gum instead of curbing some hazardous habit. Chewable tablets are a powerful medicated solution to permanently quit smoking and promote healthy living.

Consume this medicated chewing gum Kwiknic 2 mg whenever one might feel the urge to smoke or chew tobacco. The chewing gums are safe for use as many times as one might wish.

Side effects with some of these chewing gums might occur in rare and extreme cases. Usually, some of the side effects might take place only in case you are allergic to ingredients that are present in the chewing gums.


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