ITC Limited

ITC LTD manufacturer is known to be a strategic FMCG pharmaceutical company that is known for offering premium quality health and general care solution for carrying out routine activities without having any barrier, failures or even adverse reactions. With the headquarters of this company in Kolkata and West Bengal, this particular reputed manufacturing company is diversified into five segments. The manufacturer is also involved in various other businesses that include Hotels, paperboards, Agribusiness, and other paper and packaging industry. Multi-service Provider Company with the extremely hard work and efforts for managing for earning an annual turnover of around US$ 8.31 billion that has gained the trust of the people at the highest level. With the huge turnover, this particular company shares a major contribution in the field of some advanced technology, research, and even the development sectors.

A wide network of the manufacturing company ITC LTD is involved in various social events and activities for the betterment of some society and environment as a whole is actually impressive. On 24th August 2010, this particular manufacturing company completed 100 years of the existence and market service. The company is all involved in varieties of activities worldwide, of the comparable dimensions for being carbon positive, Water Positive and some of the solid waste that is Recycling positive.

Shuffling the business of manufacturer ITC Ltd, it has made an entry into the non-tobacco business while the same period by lowering foreign equity holding up to 40%. This particular manufacturer is involved in wide businesses, apart from saving the world right from the tobacco addiction. It has also started composing nicotine replacement therapy chewing gums named Kwiknic. The chewing gums are for people that are addicted to smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco. Although this particular company is a huge seller of premium cigarette brands, including Wills, Gold Flake Kings, Gold Flake Premium, Gold Flake Super Star and many more. The company helps in earning around 56% percent of its total revenue from these particular cigarette brands.

Introducing medicated solutions like Kwiknic, the manufacturer has seen making an attempt at getting in a solution that might help to gradually get rid of the most vicious habit of smoking and taking tobacco. ITC LTD manufacturer is a huge reputed company with large investments and wide varieties in fields.

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