Filagra 50

Filagra 50
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Actively composed of Sildenafil Citrate 50mg, Filagra 50 is a superb medicine for treating erection disorder in men. It is available in a conventional pill form that is easy to consume and acts well in managing penile weakness in men. Its chief ingredient Sildenafil Citrate 50mg is the first recognized oral anti-impotent drug that has high success rate. Fortune Healthcare is the manufacturer of this generic ED medicine.

Other Name:- Fildena 50

Innumerable men are known to suffer from erectile dysfunction, while more are expected in near future due to unhealthy lifestyle. There are several physical and psychological conditions responsible for developing erectile dysfunction in men. However, it is found that majority of men have this condition due to inadequate blood supply to the penile organ, which is because of clogging of penile arteries. Filagra 50 looks after increasing blood flow to the sexual organ for an erection.

It works amazingly well when it comes providing relief from impotence. The enzyme called PDE5 (phosphodiesterase-5) is reduced on oral administration of this medicine. Reduction in PDE5 enzyme allows the body to release a chemical that boots nitric oxide. Eventually, the blood vessels dilate and penile muscles relax so that the blood can flow freely across the reproductive system. This is how an erection is promoted by Filagra 50. You will experience hardon only when you indulge in sexual foreplay.

Filagra 50 is undeniably the best generic ED medicine, as it has high clinical efficacy rate. It is imperative that you take this medicine exactly as advised by your healthcare practitioner. Consume whole pill orally with a full glass of water, without crushing or breaking. You must take it when required and only once in a day. The drug will run in your bloodstream for nearly four to six hours, giving your enough time to make love.

Discuss with your doctor and let him know whether you are suffering from medical conditions, undergoing treatment with OTC or prescription drugs and having any medicinal allergy. If you take this ED medicine with nitrates, you need immediate medical attention, as your blood pressure will fall down to a great extent. If you experience any unpleasant symptoms after dosage, immediate seek medical help.

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