What Causes Premature Ejaculation


Premature ejaculation (ED) is a common sexual dysfunction in males. It can have various underlying causes. The factors that trigger ejaculation disorders include psychological, biological, or a combination of both.

PE can be treated and its symptoms can be managed very well. Healthcare providers identify the root cause of it through evaluation. Further, they will suggest appropriate treatment based on individual needs.

Factors that cause premature ejaculation

Here are some common contributors to premature ejaculation:

Psychological factors

Psychological factors such as stress, performance anxiety, depression, trauma, sexual history, and relationship problems can be potential reasons for ejaculatory disorders.

Stress is the most common of all. It can stem from some work-related thing, financial concerns, traumatic events, or relationship issues. It keeps the person trapped in a spiral of depressing thoughts and negative emotions.

Such thoughts occupy the mind completely and interrupt sexual arousal. Such men may struggle to attain sexual arousal and may even ejaculate too early. This leads to sexual distress.

Similarly, other factors like depression and anxiety also influence sexual function. These are all manageable factors. One can manage them by doing some mind-calming exercises like meditation, deep breathing, and relaxation exercises.

Another option is consulting a psychotherapist or a mental health expert. They can identify the root cause of your psychological problem and help you to overcome it.

Biological factors  

The ejaculation function can be majorly influenced by biological factors such as hormonal imbalances, genetics, neurobiological factors, penile sensitivity, and erectile dysfunction (ED).   

Changes in the hormone levels can contribute to ejaculation problems. This is why it is essential to have hormonal balance in the body. Similarly, imbalances in the neurotransmitter chemicals may also affect the ejaculatory function.

Moreover, genetics also have a significant role in sexual response. Some men might be genetically predisposed to premature ejaculation. It may run in their close family male members.

Furthermore, in some cases, some men may have high penile sensitivity, which leads to early ejaculation with minimal sexual stimulation.

Additionally, men with erectile dysfunction (ED) have a high likelihood of developing PE. Such men can use ED medicine like Intagra 100. The medicine boosts blood flow to the penile and restores erection function.  

Behavioral factors

Men who masturbate excessively are more likely to develop such problems with sexual function. While performing masturbation, some men may stimulate their genitals aggressively.

Vigorous stimulation can lead to early orgasms and untimely ejaculation. While having couple sex, such men may not be able to perform well due to their rapid stimulation habits, leading to early ejaculation.

Moreover, men who lack experience in sex may initially struggle with ejaculatory responses. With time, they may learn the techniques to prolong their sexual activity and achieve maximum sexual satisfaction.

Relationship problems

The gap in communication between couples may kill the intimacy and this may reflect in their sexual function.

Lack of honest communication, loss of emotional intimacy, unresolved conflicts, etc. can contribute to stress and performance anxiety.

Stress and anxiety can lead to sexual difficulties. The person may lose interest in sex and their desire for intimacy may dwindle. This can cause them to ejaculate too early than the desired time.

Besides, factors such as mismatched sex drive or libido, differences in sexual preferences, or sexual dissatisfaction within a relationship can impact sexual function and give rise to performance anxiety. This in turn can contribute to PE.

Neurological disorders  

Men living with disorders associated with neurological function like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injuries, etc. are more susceptible to developing premature ejaculation.

Such disorders can contribute to the damage of their nerve function, which can lead to ejaculation problems.

Addressing premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is essentially a complex and multifactorial condition. The reason for its occurrence may vary in individuals.  

Managing premature ejaculation symptoms may require a holistic approach that encompasses all aspects including psychological, biological, and relational factors.

Consultation with a healthcare professional is necessary. You can approach a urologist, sex therapist, or mental health expert, who can help you identify underlying causes and design personalized treatment plans to overcome premature ejaculation effectively.

Premature ejaculation treatment

Behavioral techniques

These techniques involve the start-stop technique, the pause-squeeze technique, and pelvic floor exercises. Such techniques require some practice.

Once the person becomes used to these techniques, they may have better control over their ejaculatory response.


The penile sensitivity can be reduced with the application of topical creams. Besides, one can see a healthcare provider and get a prescription for oral medications.


Men with PE can opt for sex therapy and Cognitive-Behavioral therapy (CBT). These can help subside ejaculatory problems.

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