Can Circumcision Treat Premature Ejaculation


Circumcision is an invasive procedure that involves surgical removal of the foreskin. It is done by removing the retractable fold of skin that surrounds the tip of the penile.

This surgery is performed for cultural, religious, or medical purposes. There is a lack of evidence that can confirm the direct impact of this surgery on ejaculation function, including premature ejaculation (PE).   

What do studies say?  

According to some studies, a surgical procedure like circumcision may contribute to a reduction in penile sensitivity. This may occur due to the removal of the foreskin, which is the skin that surrounds the head of the penile.

The foreskin is highly sensitive as it contains an intricate network of nerve endings. Its removal contributes to a decrease in sensitivity. This could potentially lead to ejaculatory disorders.

After the surgery, some individuals might either experience delayed ejaculation response or increased ejaculatory control.  

To confirm the impacts of circumcision on ejaculatory function, more comprehensive research needs to be done. More studies will establish a relationship between circumcision and ejaculation response.    

How can circumcision impact ejaculatory function?  

Premature ejaculation (PE) is a condition that is characterized by the inability to ejaculate at the right time. The individual, in this case, ejaculates too soon than the desired time. Such individuals experience sexual distress.  

The potential factors that lead to premature ejaculation include psychological reasons, hormonal imbalances, and relationship issues. In these cases, the penile may lose its sensitivity.     

Circumcision may or may not affect the penile sensitivity. It may not be considered a permanent solution for premature ejaculation. However, some studies have shown that men who have circumcision surgery show better control over ejaculatory function.

With an improved ejaculation function, men also experienced increased sexual satisfaction and better performance.

Seek expert support   

In case you are experiencing premature ejaculation or any other sexual problem, it is better to consult a healthcare provider. They will perform a diagnostic evaluation to identify any underlying factors contributing to your symptoms.

Based on the test results, they shall recommend appropriate treatment remedies, including oral medication, counseling, behavioral therapy, or other interventions suitable to your individual needs.           

How can circumcision affect sexual function?   

Researchers have been studying the impact of circumcision on sexual function. According to them, the procedure may have varying effects on sexual function and satisfaction. Chances are, some men may find little to no significant difference.

Here are some potential effects of the circumcision procedure on sexual function:


Since the procedure involves the removal of the foreskin, this may lead to a decrease in the sensitivity of the penile. The loss of sensitivity may happen particularly in the glans, which is the head of the penile.   

After the surgery, some individuals may report a decrease in sensation or changes in sensitivity in the penile. While others may not notice even any significant difference in penile sensitivity.

Erection function

The removal of the foreskin is generally not associated with significant changes in erection function. The ability to achieve and maintain erections may not change post-surgery.

In most cases, men who underwent circumcision, do not experience any adverse effects on erectile function. Besides, a condition like ED can still be managed with ED medicines such as Zenegra 50.

Such medicines dilate the penile blood vessels and boost blood flow to the penile.  

Premature ejaculation

As per some studies, circumcision may be linked to a lower risk of premature ejaculation. Note that, the evidence on this is not conclusive, and more such studies are needed to establish the relationship between circumcision and premature ejaculation.  

In some cases, the procedure might trigger some slight improvement in the ejaculatory response. But again, more research is needed in this regard.

Sexual satisfaction

Researchers have tried to study the correlation between circumcision and sexual satisfaction, which obtained mixed results. Some individuals may report a decrease in their levels of sexual satisfaction.

While in some cases, there is no change observed after circumcision. Various factors like cultural or religious beliefs, individual preferences, and personal experiences may influence how circumcision impacts sexual satisfaction.  

Risk of infection

The surgical removal of the foreskin may lower the risk of certain infections, which include urinary tract infections (UTIs) sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and even HIV.

Through lowering the risk of infections, the procedure may indirectly lead to improvement in sexual health and function.

The lowdown  

The impact of circumcision on premature ejaculation can be positive in some individuals, and not significant in some. The effects can widely vary among individuals. It is better to consult a healthcare provider who can guide you.  

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